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Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression

  • Should summon the Bishop of Mannar to appear before the court.

    ‘Jathika Hela Urumaya, Party says that,Rev. Rayappu Joseph, the Bishop of Mannar, who requests the United Nations Organization that an investigation should be launched regarding the supposed war crimes allegations against Sri Lanka, should be immediately produced before court, as it is a violation of the constitution of this country.Jathika Hela Urumaya also says that, […]

  • DDoS attack disrupts TamilNet web traffic

    Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack (DDoS), identified by the service provider of TamilNet as originating in an orchestrated way from certain affluent parts of the world, has been disrupting web traffic of since Saturday. The attack on the independent media reporting to the world on Tamil affairs coincides with the opening of the 19th sessions of […]

  • Marie Colvin and Sri Lanka war crimes

    Ms Colvin lost her eye in Sri Lanka when shot at by the military while entering Govt territory after filing a report from restricted LTTE-held territory in 2001. Her iconic figure with a black patch over the left eye reporting from global conflict zones has been seen by hundreds of thousands around the world.Marie Colvin […]

  • JVP alleges govt. thugs disrupted leaflet distribution

    The JVP alleges that thugs of the government disrupted a leaflet distribution by the party in Moneragala this morning (Feb. 26). The party is involved in an island wide campaign to raise public awareness on bribery, corruption, wastage and other wrongdoings of the government through the distribution of leaflets, said its media unit. The group of […]

  • Attacks on dissent in Sri Lanka, Part 1 –Incidents in 2012

    Watchdog2012 has seen a sustained campaign Sri Lankan against human rights defenders with a special focus on any engagement with UN processes, including the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Council beginning in February in Geneva. Press freedom activists and organizations, human rights defenders and political activists are being accused of helping the revival […]

  • Attacks on dissent in Sri Lanka Part 2 – incidents in 2011

    Watchdog Human Rights Defenders in Sri Lanka continue to suffer attacks and intimidation through 2011 and 2012.  This submission focuses on incidents in 2011.   Impunity for attacks and threats against HRDs, labeling HRDs as ‘terrorists’ or traitors, the campaign against HRDs in the State media and linking these to their participation/involvement in  of the UN Human […]

  • Key Findings on Accountability in Sri Lanka

    Eight students from the University of Virginia School of Law* visited Sri Lanka from January 1 to January 16, 2012 as part of the Cowan Fellows Human Rights Study Project, an independent student organization. They conducted interviews in Colombo, Kandy, and the Vanni region with Government officials, activists, NGOs, journalists, IDPs, ex-detainees and other individuals […]

  • Defence ministry tapping phones of 687 persons – Mangala; Govt admits

    UNP’s Mangala Samaraweera alleged in parliament yesterday (Feb. 23) that the defence ministry was tapping the phones of 687 persons. They included 124 cabinet ministers and government MPs as well as religious leaders, newspaper editors and several journalists, he said, adding that two Chinese phone companies are being paid huge sums for carrying this out. This is […]

  • New laws for the Public Performances Board

    The Cabinet of Ministers is to be presented a Cabinet memorandum today seeking permission to introduce new legislation on the Public Performances Board. The memorandum has been drafted by the Mass Media and Information Ministry and the Cultural Affairs Ministry.The main aim is to monitor quality and the sense of balance in teledramas, commercial advertisements, […]

  • Schoolchildren cannot mimic the president Read more >

    Schoolchildren cannot mimic the president

    Central province chief minister Sarath Ekanayake has ordered that schoolchildren be not allowed to mimic president Mahinda Rajapaksa at public functions. His order to the provincial education secretary is expected to be issued in circular form to all principals in the province this week.  The most immediate reason for the order is that the child of […]


    If the time ever does come for a comprehensive evaluation of security policies and legislation adopted during the privation and emergencies of war and the peacetime ‘stability’ of a post-war context, it would only be fair to conclude that the unpleasantness of the former far exceeds the unpleasantness of the latter, but it is still […]

  • One killed, three injured as STF fires at protestors in Chilaw .

    One person was killed and three others were injured when the STF opened fire at a group of fishermen protesting in Chilaw a shortwhille back, residents claimed.  The fishermen were protesting over the increased fuel prices in the town. They were marching from the fish market to the town.The person killed as identified as  Warnakulasuriya […]

  • Judicial Intervention to Control Lawful Rallies? An Analysis on recent court orders obtained by Police to restrain meetings & rallies -By JC Weliamuna

    Basic Liberties cannot be taken away by any State Organ Let me begin this article with the following often quoted words, worth reading and digesting.“The law is not the private property of lawyers, nor is justice the exclusive province of judges and juries. In the final analysis, true justice is not a matter of courts and […]

  • Movement for Peoples’ Struggle awareness programme disrupted

    An awareness programme of the movement that was held at the Colombo Manning market today (Feb. 10) was disrupted by armed security personnel, the media unit of the Movement for Peoples’ Struggle says.’ With the movement commencing their awareness programme by distributing leaflets, armed policemen had approached them warned that no anti-government activities could be […]

  • Mahinda in Jaffna; and Posters Warning the Tamils Read more >

    Mahinda in Jaffna; and Posters Warning the Tamils

    With President Mahinda Rajapakse making a visit to Jaffna, posters warning the Tamils with death are being distributed throughout the country.  These posters threaten the Tamils with death for supporting the Liberation Tigers and for spreading tales against the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The posters are said to warn the Tiger supporters both local […]

  • Tamil journalists blocked from attending Rajapaksa’s meetings in Jaffna

    The wards of the Chaavakachcheari hospital, renovated with help from Red Cross societies from Finland and Ireland at different stages and that were already declared open, were declared once again opened by SL president Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday. The ‘hijack’ move projected as a part of ‘grand opening’ under Rajapaksa’s Vadakkin Vasantham (the spring of […]

  • FMM challenges ANCL, Editor Dinamina

    Media ReleaseThe Free Media Movement (FMM) unequivocally rejects the allegations and insinuations made in the Dinamina headline story on Friday (03 February) as blatant lies, unfounded, unsupported and unsubstantiated. We further believe, the report was published with the malicious intent of undermining independent media, which is fighting for democracy and freedom of expression, and those […]

  • Can GOSL Implement LLRC Recommendations?

    By JC Weliamuna This is the question of the day. This is raised nationally and internationally and answers contrast for different reasons. In this article, I endeavor to briefly answer this question from a governance perspective, keeping in mind the present socio-political realities in Sri Lanka. The President appointed the Commission of Inquiry on Lessons […]

  • FMM chellenges state media to prove allegations made against FMM

    The Free Media Movement says it rejects the claims made against the movement by the lead story of the lake House owned Dinamina newspaper on Feb. 03,  2012.  The FMM further challenges the Lake House administration and the Dinamina editor to present credible evidence to prove the claims. The new report claimed that the FMM had […]

  • Kusal Perera first to get booted out of Sunday Leader

    Well known political critic and writer, Kusal Perera contributing to “Political & Governance” column in the Sunday Leader news paper is booted out, say inside sources, after the Sunday Leader was bought over by a Rajapaksa proxy, Asanga Seneviratne a well known racketeer. Kusal Perera’s stand against military rule and Tamil people in Sunday Leader […]

  • ‘Rejecting’ Sri Lanka on Independence Day

    ”What contradicts banal official assurances that governance processes would be set to rights post LLRC extends to a far more disturbing reality than that. When something as fundamental as a protest demonstration by the media gets hijacked by pro government protestors numbering thugs holding clubs and three wheeler drivers who defy a court order that […]

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