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  • SrI Lanka Killing Fields screened for US congress members

    On Friday night, the Channel 4 video was screened in Capitol Visitors Centre, Congressional Auditorium in Washington DC, for members of the United States Congress. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International-USA, the International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundations were responsible for organising this event. U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern, Co-Chair of the Tom Lantos Human […]

  • SOUTH SUDAN – Sri Lanka minister sees danger while president congratulates

    Government of Sri Lanka has expressed opposite opinions regarding the newest country, the South Sudan. Sinhala nationalist groups in Sri Lanka have been campaigning against the establishment of South Sudan as an independent country and have supported the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir  in recent times. Now in new turn of events Sri Lanka President has […]

  • Former IGP in ruling party election campaign in Jaffna

     It is reported that former IGP Dr. Mahinda Balasooriya is visiting Jaffna to engage in government’s election campaign.According to our correspondent the former IGP is engaged in the election campaign using government vehicles to bring victory to the ruling party at the local government election to be held on the 23rd of this month.Despite being […]

  • US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video Read more >

    US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video

     16 July 2011After a Capitol Complex screening of the Channel 4 documentary that purports to show war crimes in Sri Lanka, US lawmakers and rights advocates stepped up calls for an international probe into the allegations.“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” was shown to the public inside the US Capitol complex yesterday (July 15), AFP reports. Representative […]

  • India asks Sri Lanka to probe war crimes claims

    July 15, 2011 (AFP) India on Friday urged Sri Lanka to examine claims made in a British documentary that said it targeted civilians while crushing Tamil Tiger rebels two years ago. The Channel 4 documentary, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” aired last month on British television contained footage of what it said were prisoner executions.It also […]

  • Pilleyan’s gang responsible for Puddur bank heist Read more >

    Pilleyan’s gang responsible for Puddur bank heist

     Police investigations have revealed that a group of members of Thamil Makkal Vidudal Puligal (TMVP) or TamilPeoples Liberation Tigers of the Chief Minister for the Eastern Provincial Council Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan aka Pilleyan is responsible for the heist at People’s Bank at Pudur.An armed group that broke into the People’s Bank branch at Puddur in Batticaloa […]

  • Assets of state TV to Namal’s channel

     Assets of ‘Rupavahini’ and TNA are being illegally used by Namal Rajapakse to commence broadcasts of Carlton TV channel say employees of ‘Rupavahini.They say the relevant equipment for broadcasting the channel of President’s son are being fixed on the TNA tower in Sinharaja and two transmitters have been already fixed in a rest room of […]

  • CATIC cover up?

    UNP alleges serious misappropriation in second 10-acre Galle Face Land deal; Says agreements have not been carried out with only US$ 54 million paid of US$ 136 million total hence deal invalid; Wants Government to reveal details of transaction; Says suspicious company handling deal, wants company financials divulged By Uditha JayasingheSetting the stage for more […]

  • Col. R. Hariharan: FAQs on Channel 4 Video on War Crimes

    By Col. R. HariharanI have received a number of mails asking for my comments on the Channel 4 video Killing Fields on alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Army, particularly after I participated in a panel discussion on the subject in the Headlines Today TV channel recently. I am giving my views and comments […]

  • Genuine elections not possible in Jaffna: TNA

    Thoroughly intimidated and prevented from making their campaign for the civic elections scheduled for next week, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leaders on Tuesday said that genuine elections are not possible under the current circumstances. Colombo is resolved to fake the elections by hook or by crook and ‘prove’ to the outside world that it […]

  • SL Navy, EPDP, seal off election campaign in the islands of Jaffna

    Occupying Sri Lanka Navy and the EPDP collaborating with Rajapaksa regime have sealed off the islands sector of the Jaffna Peninsula for the civic elections scheduled to 23rd of this month, by ordering the TNA candidates not to leave the islands and by preventing TNA campaigners coming into the islands sector from outside. In the […]

  • SL police refuses permission to TNA to hold election meetings

    Sri Lanka police in Jaffna refuses permission to civic election candidates of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to conduct public meetings. Instead, the ‘advise’ the candidates to engage in door-to-door campaign. But in the meantime, presidential sibling Basil Rajapaksa and a team of 13 SL ministers are camping in Jaffna to conduct Colombo’s campaign in […]

  • Economic factors can cause political instability – Dew G Read more >

    Economic factors can cause political instability – Dew G

    Senior Minister Dew Gunasekera warns that Sri Lanka could face an explosive situation similar to that causing chaos in the Arab World unless swift action is taken to tackle acute unemployment.The General Secretary of the Communist Party and National List MP says demand for democracy and struggle against authoritarianism rule emerged from economic factors. The […]

  • 14-year-old boy taken for anti-UN demonstration reported missing

    A 14-year-old student of Yarltan College in Kaarainakar, Jaffna, Thiruchelvan Kajeethan, who was enticed by the EPDP and taken to Colombo to participate in the anti-UN panel report demonstration that took place on May Day, is so far missing. The parents of the grade-6 student, disappointed in getting a reply from the EPDP have approached […]

  • One in four women face harassment

    By Olindhi JayasundereIn a shocking exposure it has been found that one in every four women in the country are being subjected to harassment daily when using public transport.Deputy Transport Minister Rohana Dissanayake yesterday said these figures were found during a research conducted recently. The Minister said a large number of women were being subjected […]

  • Greatest Governance Boundary from Sanga –  Looking at Sangakkara’s speech from  governance perspective Read more >

    Greatest Governance Boundary from Sanga – Looking at Sangakkara’s speech from governance perspective

    ”So much is spoken about this speech and much was written about it. This article attempts briefly to discuss seven governance points worth elaborating  in the backdrop of the contemporary governance realities of the country.”  By JC Weliamuna The former Cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara, in his great Sir Colin Cowdrey speech at Lord’s,  spoke of […]

  • Capitol Hill Screening of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” Read more >

    Capitol Hill Screening of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”

    Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International-USA, the International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundations in conjunction with the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission are co-hosting the screening of Channel-4’s documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” at the Congressional Auditorium this Friday according to political sources in Washington D.C. Full text of the release circulated by the groups […]

  • LLRC disputes Prof. Wijesinghe’s response to BBC

    LLRC spokesperson Lakshman Wickramasinghe yesterday expressed concern about a statement made by UPFA National List MP Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe in an interview with the BBC. The spokesman said: “The Commission was indeed concerned about a comment made on its work by a Government spokesman in a recent BBC programme. The Commission wishes to reiterate that […]

  • MOD further sans pre-travel approval to North

    According to Military Liaison Office, pre-travel approval for diplomats, INGOs/NGOs has been lifted from today (12th July), facilitating North bound travel without producing MOD travel approval document. Ministry of Defence lifted the imposed pre-travel approval exclusively for foreign passport holders last week. Further stressing on the provision, individuals and groups intending at visiting military installations […]

  • JVP states group in Army uniform videoed it Killinochchi office Read more >

    JVP states group in Army uniform videoed it Killinochchi office

     12 July 2011   The JVP in a communiqué states it has lodged a complaint (No. EIB 18/17) at Killinochchi Police charging that the government, deploying a group of Army soldiers, obstructed its election campaign. The complaint has been lodged by the accredited representative of the JVP for Killinochchi District Lalith Kumar Weeraraju.The communiqué issued by […]

  • EPDP – Army intelligence suspected of attacks in Jaffna to terrorise TNA candidates

    by D.B.S. JeyarajEPDP cum military intelligence suspected of perpetrating series of “attacks” to terrorize TNA candidates in Jaffna local authority polls.Proliferation of “low-level” incidents targeting individual candidate residences during night aimed at instilling fear into TNA, party says.Tamil National Alliance wants foreign monitors appointed for the forthcoming elections due to “terror” campaign intimidating TNA candidates.TNA […]

  • TNA calls for foreign monitors

    By Charles HavilandTNA says people connected with the ruling coalition are intimidating its candidates The largest Tamil party in Sri Lanka has called for foreign monitors to have a presence at local elections in northern Sri Lanka that are due to take place later this month. It says people connected with the governing coalition are […]

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