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  • GOSL rejects Interactive dialogue on LLRC report at UNHRC Read more >

    GOSL rejects Interactive dialogue on LLRC report at UNHRC

    The latest diplomatic blunder with the United States comes at a time when relations between Washington and Colombo have hit a new low. Beginning last Monday, the External Affairs Ministry has become proactive to canvass members of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Briefing notes have been sent out to the country’s diplomatic missions […]

  • ’What happened was predictable’ – Weiss Read more >

    ’What happened was predictable’ – Weiss

    Gordon Weiss International Justice Tribune (RNW) In his recently published book ‘The Cage’ former United Nations spokesman Gordon Weiss is critical of the UN and points to evidence of the government of Sri Lanka committing war crimes. As the UN spokesperson in Sri Lanka during the conflict, he experienced first-hand how the UN was unable […]

  • China to step up role in Sri Lanka projects Read more >

    China to step up role in Sri Lanka projects

    China will extend increasing support to infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka and will also back the country’s efforts to promote reconciliation without any external interference, Premier Wen Jiabao told visiting Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in talks here on Thursday.Mr. Wen said China was also ready to “promote communication” between the two countries with regard […]

  • Sri Lankan protest over ‘disappeared Read more >

    Sri Lankan protest over ‘disappeared

    Charles HavilandWeeping parents have been demonstrating in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, asking what has become of close family members who have disappeared.(More photos at the end )The protesters gathered on a hot street corner near the town hall. Most of those grieving were Tamil and from the former war areas of north and east […]

  • Sri Lanka in denial over war crimes

    Priyamvatha/Rajesh Sundaram  The UN says over 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed during the last stages of the 30-year civil war in Sri Lanka. NGOs put the figure at over a lakh and fifty thousand. The UN also says that the Sri Lankan military committed war crimes. But the Lankan government is in denial with defence […]

  • War crimes, US ultimatum and SL political opinions

      “We support a full and credible and independent investigation of alleged violations of international human rights and law and international humanitarian law in Sri Lanka. We want to see the Sri Lankans do this themselves in a way that meets international standards. So what I would say to Sri Lankan critics is take your […]

  • War crime charges LTTE funded – Major General Shavendra Silva

    Major General Shavendra Silva, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, tells Daily Mirror that despite repeated attempts by paid activists of the LTTE failing to discredit the government and the forces, the agenda will continue to block the path of development and peace on the ground. ‘Channel-4 or another LTTE funded media outlet may […]

  • “Hospitals in Sri Lanka have been shelled – ICRC

    Millions affected by violence against health-care personnel and facilities10-08-2011 News Release 11/191 Geneva (ICRC) – Assaults on health-care personnel, facilities and vehicles in conflicts and violent upheavals leave millions around the world without care just when they need it most. This is the key finding of a new report presented by the International Committee of […]

  • Vanni survivors recount mass killings, rape in Headlines Today documentary

    In a world exclusive report aired Tuesday, India’s Headlines Today (HT) television broadcast eyewitness accounts of mass slaughter, the use of chemical weapons and cluster bombs, and torture, rape and sexual humiliation in internment camps by Sri Lanka’s military. The accounts were gathered inside Vanni from survivors of the catastrophic violence of 2009 by one […]

  • No One, in the US or Sri Lanka, Should Be Above the Law Read more >

    No One, in the US or Sri Lanka, Should Be Above the Law

    ”Whether committed by the US or Sri Lanka, by government officials or separatist groups, serious human rights abuses should be investigated and perpetrators held to account.”  by Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch In a report released last month Human Rights Watch called on the US government to launch criminal investigations into allegations of detainee abuse authorized […]

  • US backs international mechanism to investigate Sri Lanka war crimes

    The United States on Monday called again for a “transparent accounting of Sri Lanka’s actions” during the final months of the island’s war. Addressing reporters State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the UN panel of experts is a mechanism “that should be taken advantage of” and that “an international mechanism to look at these is […]

  • Sampanthan insists TNA has not shut the door

    Rohan AbeywardenaTamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan in the aftermath of last Thursday’s somewhat tough stand taken with the government in giving it ten days to respond to the devolution proposals the TNA had put to the government about five months ago sat with The Island for a long interview and insisted that they had […]

  • Elections to Local Bodies – An Indian Perspective

    V. Suryanarayan and Ashik Bonofer The results of elections to local bodies, held on March 17, 2011 and July 23, 2011 and subsequent comments made by Sinhalese and Tamil leaders clearly indicate that the ethnic divide in Sri Lanka is getting sharpened. Two years after the decimation of the Tigers the Government is determined to impose […]

  • Gotabhaya’s sexist comments on war victim giving evidence on rape

    Sri Lanka’s genocidal soldiers making lewd comments on the naked bodies of female victims killed in the war, suggesting that they were killed after rape has been documented in the Channel 4 documentary. While denying the documentation as fake to Headlines Today this week, Sri Lanka’s defence secretary and presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa made a […]

  • Sri Lanka’s Tamil question: Justice, Lies and Videotape

    Sri Lanka’s thirty year war is now more of words than of guns, but it is no less bitter. RNW’s team in the country met with fierce resistance from the Sri Lankan government to the current calls for justice from the international community.  But the problem is that the international community’s presence in the country […]

  • Rights groups urge Swiss Attorney General to prosecute Dias for war-crimes

    Society for Threatened People and TRIAL, two advocacy groups based in Europe, requested the Swiss Attorney General today to pursue war crimes charges against Jegath Dias, SriLanka’s deputy ambassador to Germany and former major general in Sri Lanka’s armed forces. The groups allege that Dias’s division was “responsible for massive bombing of civilians and hospitals,” […]

  • Groups ask Swiss to prosecute Sri Lankan diplomat

    By JOHN HEILPRIN GENEVA — Two advocacy groups asked Swiss authorities Thursday to pursue war crime charges against a former Sri Lankan army commander now serving as a European diplomat, reflecting still-simmering Western concerns about the South Asian island nations’ human rights record. The Swiss-based groups Society for Threatened Peoples and TRIAL said they filed a […]

  • Welfare of Lankan Tamils top priority:External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna

    Underlining that the welfare of Tamils in Sri Lanka is of utmost importance, India Thursday urged Sri Lanka to pursue a lasting political settlement that provides for harmonious co-existence of all communities, including minorities, in the island-nation.Making a suo moto statement in the Lok Sabha on “The Situation in Sri Lanka”, External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna […]

  • Sri Lankan pilgrims attacked in Chennai

    84 Sri Lankan pilgrims had come under attack in Chennai yesterday by goons describing themselves as ‘black tigers,’ family members of the Sri Lankans said.The Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai had transferred the pilgrims to a hotel in a safe area. Three of the 84 had been injured.     A relative of one of […]

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