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  • Punish Lankan war criminals, TNCC chief appeals to PM

    NCC president K V Thangkabalu today appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ensure that those responsible for alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka against Tamil civilians during the last phase of the offensive against the LTTE in Sri Lanka faced action. Calling on the Prime Minister at his residence in Delhi, Thangkabalu referred to […]

  • Lankan soldiers ‘whose hearts turned to stone’

    This report contains details some readers may find distressing.Over the last two years Channel 4 News has broadcast footage that the UN says constitutes “credible evidence of war crimes” in Sri Lanka.In the final stages of 26 years of civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, and […]

  • Sri Lankan stability critical to New Delhi’s Indian Ocean ambitions

    A controversial advisory panel report, published by the United Nations in late March 2011, called for a full investigation into the perceived breaches in the Laws of Armed Conflict during the endgame of Sri Lanka’s civil war. This has placed India in a difficult position where it must balance its relations with Sri Lanka while […]

  • Ban aid to Sri Lanka resolution: full text

    Just last week, the Channel 4 video Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was screened at the US Congressional Auditorium in Washington DC. This week, just days after the Clinton visit to New Delhi and Chennai, the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the US capital adopted a resolution to ban aid to Sri Lanka. It was moved […]

  • US uses aid weapon: Lanka may lose Rs. 1.4 billion

    By Anthony David Sri Lanka stands to lose 13 million dollars (Rs 1.4 billion) in development assistance from the United States if a ban on aid becomes law. Altogether US AID has sought US$ 55 million (Rs 6 billion) for aid programmes for the fiscal year 2012 (October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012).On Thursday, […]

  • ‘Clinton, Jayalalitha discuss current situation in Sri Lanka’

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha had a long conversation over the current situation in Sri Lanka and felt the need for greater progress towards reconciliation there, a State Department official has said. Last week, Clinton met Jayalalitha during her visit to Chennai. “They actually had quite a long […]

  • US panel votes to bar aid to Sri Lanka

    AFPA US congressional committee voted to ban aid to Sri Lanka unless the nation shows “accountability” over the bloodshed in the final stages of its civil war in 2009.In a voice vote, the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a measure that would ban all US government funding to Sri Lanka except for humanitarian aid, demining […]

  • BJP vows to take up Eezham Tamils plight in Indian Parliament

    Bharatiya Janata Party President Nitin Gadkari who met a top delegation of the British Tamils Forum (BTF) last weekend in London, has said that the BJP was very serious on taking up the ‘Sri Lanka issue’ in the Indian Lok-Sabha. BTF leaders V Ravi Kumar and S. Pathmanathan, who led the BTF delegation to the […]

  • We don’t need advice from other countries — MR

    By  Sandun A. Jayasekera in ChavakachcheriPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday that the government had no intention of taking advice from Europe or any other power to resolve the country’s problems.Addressing an election rally in Kilinochchci in support of the UPFA candidates contesting the local government elections in Jaffna, he said, “We do not intend to […]

  • TNA: Sri Lanka performance lacking on solving key Tamil issues

    While Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has endeavored to work in the spirit of co-operation with the Sri Lanka Government, the Government has yet to address the Rehabilitation and Resettlement of all displaced Tamil families, continued to unlawfully repossess the land from Tamil people, and has failed to craft a political solution within the framework of […]

  • Clinton, Jayalalithaa WILL discuss Sri Lanka’ Read more >

    Clinton, Jayalalithaa WILL discuss Sri Lanka’

    Senior Indian officials have claimed that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first ever trip to Chennai will be a strictly non-governmental visit with no discussion on Sri Lanka.But a senior official in the Barack Obama administration, who will accompany Clinton, has said that Sri Lanka would definitely figure in the discussions between the […]

  • SrI Lanka Killing Fields screened for US congress members

    On Friday night, the Channel 4 video was screened in Capitol Visitors Centre, Congressional Auditorium in Washington DC, for members of the United States Congress. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International-USA, the International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundations were responsible for organising this event. U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern, Co-Chair of the Tom Lantos Human […]

  • US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video Read more >

    US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video

     16 July 2011After a Capitol Complex screening of the Channel 4 documentary that purports to show war crimes in Sri Lanka, US lawmakers and rights advocates stepped up calls for an international probe into the allegations.“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” was shown to the public inside the US Capitol complex yesterday (July 15), AFP reports. Representative […]

  • India asks Sri Lanka to probe war crimes claims

    July 15, 2011 (AFP) India on Friday urged Sri Lanka to examine claims made in a British documentary that said it targeted civilians while crushing Tamil Tiger rebels two years ago. The Channel 4 documentary, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” aired last month on British television contained footage of what it said were prisoner executions.It also […]

  • Col. R. Hariharan: FAQs on Channel 4 Video on War Crimes

    By Col. R. HariharanI have received a number of mails asking for my comments on the Channel 4 video Killing Fields on alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Army, particularly after I participated in a panel discussion on the subject in the Headlines Today TV channel recently. I am giving my views and comments […]

  • Capitol Hill Screening of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” Read more >

    Capitol Hill Screening of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”

    Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International-USA, the International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundations in conjunction with the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission are co-hosting the screening of Channel-4’s documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” at the Congressional Auditorium this Friday according to political sources in Washington D.C. Full text of the release circulated by the groups […]

  • LLRC disputes Prof. Wijesinghe’s response to BBC

    LLRC spokesperson Lakshman Wickramasinghe yesterday expressed concern about a statement made by UPFA National List MP Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe in an interview with the BBC. The spokesman said: “The Commission was indeed concerned about a comment made on its work by a Government spokesman in a recent BBC programme. The Commission wishes to reiterate that […]

  • Ranil’s appeal for more time for Govt; Ban responds cautiously

    President must show remorse for killings like Emperor Asoka, says UNP leader UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has agreed to give Sri Lanka more time to engage in what he called a “meeting of minds” to address the concerns of the International Community, but said this could not be an indefinite period.His response came after […]

  • Don’t turn a blind eye to the killing fields of Sri Lanka Read more >

    Don’t turn a blind eye to the killing fields of Sri Lanka

    photo-Mariya Baskalin hangs laundry at her bombed out home in Sri Lanka’s north. She has been home a year, but hasn’t  ”Monday’s ABC Four Corners broadcast of Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was almost unwatchable horror. It showed in gory detail the killing of children, the mutilation of prisoners, the cold-blooded execution of unarmed people, and […]

  • 52 British MP’s have signed motion calling for independent international investigation into Sri Lankan war

    8 July 2011 In a press statement issued following the APPGT/GTF parliamentary reception this week Chairman for the British All party parliamentary Group for Tamils , Lee Scott MP,said “the event was a great success, attended by over 40 Members of Parliament including Government Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Lords, representatives of NGOs and High Commissions”. So […]

  • China increase aid, to gain influence – report Read more >

    China increase aid, to gain influence – report

    China, seeking to gain influence in the Indian Ocean , has reportedly increased its aid to Sri Lanka dramatically since 2005, a US Congressional report has said.“In the view of some analysts and observers, China is seeking to gain influence with the Sri Lankan government as part of a ‘string of pearls’ naval strategy to […]

  • Channel 4 rejects Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’ film criticism

    Sri Lanka maintains that no civilians were killed by troops during the war Continue reading the main story Sri Lanka After WarSri Lanka report: Main allegations The British TV station Channel 4 has strongly rejected claims by Sri Lanka’s government that footage broadcast in a recent documentary is false.The film in question appears to show […]

  • JDS challenges Sri Lanka ‘new video’

    A group of exiled journalists from Sri Lanka have dismissed the “new executions video clip” with Tamil speech aired in a pro government television channel as “fake” and one that emerged two years ago.Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS) say that the “newly emerged” video was first published in a pro government website on […]

  • Fighting terrorism is one thing but a civil govt can never commit crimes against humanity in the name of winning that fight

    If the videos in Killing Fields have indeed been doctored, the truth must come out. However, the government of Sri Lanka’s previous behaviour in keeping stories of the war quiet affects its credibility in relation to these allegations. Sri Lankan situation: the truth must come outby Sunili GovinnageTonight, ABC’s Four Corners will show Killing Fields, […]

  • Jayalalithaa’s 24-page memorandum

    Jayalalithaa, who had a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, last month handed over to the latter a 24-page memorandum. It begins with references to Sri Lanka. She is seeking the return of Kachchativu, an island in the Palk Straits, the seas that divide India and Sri Lanka. Here are the relevant highlights: Memorandum […]

  • Darusman Report improper – Akashi Read more >

    Darusman Report improper – Akashi

    01 July 2011 “The Darusman Report though intended only to be an advisory report to the Secretary General of the UN, is improper,” said Senior Adviser on Foreign Policy in Japan Yasushi Akashi when he addressed the 16th Joint Committee of the Sri Lanka Business Co-operation Meeting held in Tokyo last week.Akashi was speaking on […]

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