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  • Issipriya a LTTE combatant Read more >

    Issipriya a LTTE combatant

    Channel 4 News revealed that one of the victims was a high profile member of the Tamil Tigers – but claimed she was just a journalist rather than a direct fighter as a result of a heart condition. Issipriya was born in 1982 in Jaffna and was subsequently recruited by the LTTE and underwent military […]

  • Rajapaksa regime subjecting Sri Lanka to global ridicul Read more >

    Rajapaksa regime subjecting Sri Lanka to global ridicul

    by Mangala Samaraweera The ineptitude of the present regime in the face of intensifying and relentless international pressure is driving Sri Lanka further and further into isolation and is likely to have devastating effects for this country’s prospects for rebuilding and reconciliation in the post-conflict phase. The release of the Channel 4 documentary on Sri Lanka, […]

  • Killing Fields: ‘Recognition that Tamil Tigers were prepared to use as pawns the civilians they claimed to represent is commendable’ Read more >

    Killing Fields: ‘Recognition that Tamil Tigers were prepared to use as pawns the civilians they claimed to represent is commendable’

    War crimes: Tyrants are right to fear the new technology witnesses There was much in the documentary to commend. Its recognition that Tamil Tigers were prepared to use as pawns the civilians they claimed to represent; the forensic way it explored the UN’s unconscionable retreat as the conflict worsened; the wide range of experts interviewed […]

  • The Rule Of Law In War Read more >

    The Rule Of Law In War

    “Naked prisoners shot in the head; the dead bodies of women who had been raped, dumped on a truck; the immediate aftermath of a shell landing on a hospital – images caught on mobile phones of the atrocities committed in the final months of Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war, left most of us shell-shocked” Every […]

  • Lanka seeks dialogue with UN rapporteur on Channel 4 allegations Read more >

    Lanka seeks dialogue with UN rapporteur on Channel 4 allegations

    Sri Lanka has accused Britain’s Channel 4 Television of not providing the government with a copy of the video titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ but assured that it is ready “to constructively engage” with the UN Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions.The offer to engage with Rapporteur Christof Heyns was made when Minister Mahinda […]

  • US Federal Court summons SL leader Read more >

    US Federal Court summons SL leader

    Govt. says not ruffled by decision18 June 2011/By Susitha R. FernandoA United States Federal Court has issued summons on President Mahinda Rajapaksa in connection with three civil cases filed under the Hague Convention claiming monetary damages under US Torture Victims Protection Act (TVPA) over alleged extra-judicial killings, the Justice Ministry sources said. Sources said the […]

  • UK calls for Sri Lanka to probe ‘Killing Fields’ war crimes allegations

    16 June 2011/By Andrew Buncombe, The British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt said he was shocked after seeing footage of attacks on civilians shown in the Channel 4 documentary. The British Government has renewed calls for an independent investigation into allegations of war crimes against Sri Lanka after a documentary showed civilians being shelled and […]

  • Sri Lanka Killing Fields: Both parties to the conflict need to come to terms with the atrocities committed

    Denying the truth will not bury it15 June 2011, By Yolanda Foster, Amnesty International’s Sri Lanka researcher Tonight Channel 4 screens its harrowing new documentary, “Sri Lanka, The Killing Fields”. The film highlights massive human rights abuses and violations of the laws of war by both parties to the conflict.Some of the more shocking imagery includes […]

  • Responding to Sri Lanka war crimes evidence

    The most pressing need is perhaps not to punish the offenders but to relieve the problems of the survivors and minimise the risk of further violence. Sooner or later, if the government’s response to disagreement is repression, discontent will boil over in one part or another of the island. Bloodshed is likely to follow, unless […]

  • Fake, made for LTTE money: Gota

    16 June 2011 /  By Duminda BalasuriyaWhile rejecting the contents of the video aired on the British Channel 4 news channel, Defence Ministry Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday said they have received information that a fake video had been created by Channel 4 news after obtaining money from pro-LTTE elements.“Once again some pro-LTTE elements have used […]

  • Channel 4 Sri Lanka Killing Fields: Where was the International community ?

    Britain has renewed calls for Sri Lanka to investigate allegations of war crimes after video footage apparently showing the summary execution of naked and bound prisoners was broadcast on UK television, in the documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Field.The film, shown on Channel 4, reportedly shows “trophy videos” taken on mobile phones by Sri Lankan soldiers […]

  • Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, Channel 4, review

    By Serena Davies Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields went out at 11.00pm but was a flagship news programme for Channel 4, presented by the great Jon Snow and pitched as a clarion call for the world to wake up to the war crimes that allegedly took place during the final months of Sri Lanka’s 25-year-long civil […]

  • Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Guardian Editorial

    ‘Sri Lanka trying to pretend events of summarily executed prisoners are history, as the economy and tourism pick up. They are not’ Evidence that won’t be buried: On this occasion there are reasons why it was right to dispense with the responsibility broadcasters have to avoid causing distressGuardian UK Editorial, Jun 15, 2011 The footage […]

  • Sri Lanka War crimesAs individual soldiers left with trophy mobile phone videos, ‘war crimes’ was the last thing in the minds of Sri Lankan authorities

    Other than the film by embedded “trusted” reporters and trophy mobile phone videos by the soldiers, the Sri Lankan authorities and the Sinhalese were in too much of a victorious mood, to realise that all their actions in the battlefield were under scrutiny by satellite surveillance of several nations. 12 June 2011/by Dushy Ranetunge in […]

  • Sri Lanka war crimes:Gov rejects new ‘war crimes’ documentary

    Tue Jun 14 Sri Lanka has dismissed as fake a new documentary to be shown on British television on Tuesday, alleging atrocities were committed in the final weeks of the island’s war with Tamil rebels.The defence ministry in Colombo said the videos, to be broadcast publicly for the first time on Channel 4, were a fabrication […]

  • Sri Lanka War crimes: Crimes against Humanity Video Released Ahead of Channel 4 Documentary

    2011-06-14 In any military conflict injured and captured fighters are supposed to be treated in a dignified manner according to international law and Geneva Conventions. Injured fighters are supposed to have been given medical attention without any undue delay. However Sri Lankan military personnel seem to have disregarded all international law, humanity and abused dead and […]

  • TV review: Luther; Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

    Once you’ve got past its annoying ‘take me seriously’ tics, Luther is pure escapist TV drama He’s deep, he’s troubled and he doesn’t play by the rules. It’s the generic tag-line for every maverick cop show and Luther (BBC1) is no exception. At the end of the last series, Luther’s wife had been killed by […]


    What new footage and new evidence of war crimes is in the Channel 4 documentary?•    Previously unaired mobile phone footage of point-blank extrajudicial executions of three people, including a woman.  •    Previously unaired mobile phone footage of dead Tamil Tigers, including women,,that suggests sexual abuse.•    First video testimony of a Tamil woman who says she […]

  • Forensic video experts confirm authenticity of Channel 4 Video

     11 June 2011,/ By Janith AranzeSince the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) viewed Channel 4’s startling documentary Killing Fields, depicting Tamil prisoners being summarily executed by Sri Lankan soldiers, the government refuses to acknowledge the documentary as a credible source.Jon Snow will present “Killing Fields” on June 14 – pic: However, an extensive […]

  • International justice has a long reach and a long memory

    By Namini Wijedasalobal politics is notoriously skewed. Large, powerful, white governments get away with murder even when it is committed on the territories of other countries. Sri Lanka does not have this luxury.We already knew that. We are always bleating about it. But unless Sri Lanka has a formula up its sleeve that will cure […]

  • C4 tests boundaries of broadcasting with Sri Lanka exposé

    Graphic footage showing summary executions during campaign against Tamil rebels to be shown next weekBy Ian Burrell, Media Editor The Dispatches documentary shows harrowing scenes from Sri Lanka that its makers say are evidence of war crimes.The Dispatches documentary shows harrowing scenes from Sri Lanka that its makers say are evidence of war crimes.Channel 4 […]

  • Controversial video shown at UN Human Rights Council

    Interested parties are awaiting UN reactionBy Wilson GnanadassIt was not a shock, for the Sri Lankan delegation currently participating at the 17th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council when the controversial video footages depicting scenes of human rights violations allegedly committed by government soldiers was shown.The screening of the video was done Friday […]

  • ‘Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ at the UNHRC in Geneva

    2011-06-06Remarks after the screening of the Channel 4 documentary were – one human rights worker said ‘How did we let this happen to these people’….’Is that man still in power’ said a junior diplomat…..’In my country we would have hanged him a long time ago’ said another.The C4 documentary was very powerful. As the US […]

  • LLRC transcripts are a frustrating record of missed opportunities

    But the LLRC’s interim report (forming the basis of all Government action on LLRC recommendations to date) made no reference to those allegations and included no recommendations to pursue accountability; it restricted itself to practical fixes for long-acknowledged problems. UN Human Rights Council, Seventeenth Session,30 May – 17 June 2011General DebateMr President, Amnesty International welcomes […]

  • UN screens Channel 4 Sri Lanka war crimes film

    A  special investigation by Channel 4 featuring devastating new evidence of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka is screened at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, as pressure mounts for action. The documentary is an hour-long investigation into the final weeks of the bloody Sri Lankan civil war and features damning new evidence of […]

  • Sri Lanka under renewed pressure over violations

    by Hui Min Neo GENEVA (AFP) – Sri Lanka came under renewed pressure this week at the UN Human Rights Council over video footages detailing violations allegedly committed by soldiers during the country’s civil war. A UN investigator authenticated some of the footage early this week, while at the end of the week, a documentary […]

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