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  • TNA calls for foreign monitors

    By Charles HavilandTNA says people connected with the ruling coalition are intimidating its candidates The largest Tamil party in Sri Lanka has called for foreign monitors to have a presence at local elections in northern Sri Lanka that are due to take place later this month. It says people connected with the governing coalition are […]

  • Sinhalization of the Vanni Mainland Read more >

    Sinhalization of the Vanni Mainland

    Guru Nadarajah for GTN  In the guise of solving the problems of the Tamil people, Rajapakse government is engaged in Sinhalizing the traditional Tamil villages in the North and East.165 Sinhalese families settled in Kokadivankulam in Themmamadu in the Vanni area and the name of the village has been changed to Kalabowawela. This is the […]

  • Full text of Adjournment moved urgently in parliament by TNA leader R. Sampanthan Read more >

    Full text of Adjournment moved urgently in parliament by TNA leader R. Sampanthan

     R.SAMPANTHAN, 5TH July 2011, MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, TRINCOMALEEParliamentary Group Leader – Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi-I.T.A.K, Tamil National Alliance-T.N.A Hon SpeakerAdjournment Motion, ParliamentI hereby give notice that I shall after question time on the adjournment of Parliament on Thursday the 7th July 2011 move the following motion as a matter of urgent public importance.Whereas Sri Lanka […]

  • Threats escalate on TNA candidates ahead of civic elections in North

    Following the Sri Lanka Army attack on Tamil National Alliance (TNA) meeting last month and the systematic harassment on building owners not to provide their halls to TNA for campaign meetings, the residences of various candidates of the TNA, including the former parliamentarian M.K. Sivajilingam, have been targeted by SLA-operated squads that are engaged in […]

  • 12 hospitals in N & E have one doctor!

     Recently , it was exposed that there are six Hospitals in the North East which merit a place in the Guinness book of records , not for excellence but for Govt.’s monumental neglect of those Hospitals. Six Hospitals in North East are without doctors , and there is only one doctor for 12 Hospitals in […]

  • Photo evidence of  gov violence  against teachers Read more >

    Photo evidence of gov violence against teachers

    ”Herein are pictures depicting how the participants in the protests launched on the 6th by the Lanka Teachers’ Association were mercilessly attacked by grade 9 Johnny’s goons and gangs.” ( see photos below the post) It is not only a Sinhala adage but also a respected tradition practiced by the Sinhalese that teachers are on par […]

  • JVP says Parties using terror tactics in North

    By Yohan Perera Certain powerful political parties were using the security forces to inflict fear on the opposition candidates contesting the local government elections in the North, the JVP charged yesterday.  JVP Propaganda Secretary Vijitha Herath alleged its supporters had been prevented from canvassing in Tharamapuram in Kilinochchi by these parties which were using the […]

  • Police Force – heal thyself

    ”Today the entire Police Department is in a disreputable condition. The fundamental problem with the police today is an acute lack of knowledge, honesty, transparency and credibility. People believe that the police are powerless to act on their own as they used to do formerly. . They believe that the Police will act only if […]

  • Ranil’s appeal for more time for Govt; Ban responds cautiously

    President must show remorse for killings like Emperor Asoka, says UNP leader UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has agreed to give Sri Lanka more time to engage in what he called a “meeting of minds” to address the concerns of the International Community, but said this could not be an indefinite period.His response came after […]

  • Don’t turn a blind eye to the killing fields of Sri Lanka Read more >

    Don’t turn a blind eye to the killing fields of Sri Lanka

    photo-Mariya Baskalin hangs laundry at her bombed out home in Sri Lanka’s north. She has been home a year, but hasn’t  ”Monday’s ABC Four Corners broadcast of Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields was almost unwatchable horror. It showed in gory detail the killing of children, the mutilation of prisoners, the cold-blooded execution of unarmed people, and […]

  • CPI, BJP ready to join hands over Lanka issue Read more >

    CPI, BJP ready to join hands over Lanka issue

    The New Indian ExpressTIRUCHY: Urging the Centre to introduce a resolution at the UN for declaring Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa as a war criminal, the CPI on Friday made it clear that it was ready to join hands with its arch rival, the BJP, to press for this demand in Parliament.‘It is time to […]

  • 52 British MP’s have signed motion calling for independent international investigation into Sri Lankan war

    8 July 2011 In a press statement issued following the APPGT/GTF parliamentary reception this week Chairman for the British All party parliamentary Group for Tamils , Lee Scott MP,said “the event was a great success, attended by over 40 Members of Parliament including Government Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Lords, representatives of NGOs and High Commissions”. So […]

  • Southern universities hold anti-SL government demonstration in Jaffna

    Teachers associations of universities in the south of the island of Sri Lanka held an anti-SL government demonstration and meeting in Jaffna on Friday that was also participated by teachers of the University of Jaffna. It was an impressive demonstration and meeting held in Jaffna in recent times, news sources in Jaffna said. Their demonstration […]

  • Political solution – Sampanthan proposes SL minister dismisses

    Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan, moving an adjournment motion in Sri Lanka’s parliament Thursday and speaking on it said that his objective was “to develop a just settlement within an undivided Sri Lanka,” adding that this approach has been widely endorsed by the international community, notably India. The co-chairs have clearly stated and […]

  • Open letter to His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith

    Without going into specifics, your general comment on the handling of  the international community infer that you have taken the side of the government to hide the truth about the war and to prevent the much needed fair process of reconciliation and justice for the war Rajasingham JayadevanThis is my brief letter to you. […]

  • Sanga’s crime – Editorial The Island Read more >

    Sanga’s crime – Editorial The Island

     If Sanga had dropped out of school at a tender age, cut his teeth on crime, taken to dirty politics and become a minister instead of pursuing his studies, playing brilliant cricket and bringing glory to his country, he, too, would have been able to commit murder, plunder public funds, tie public officials to trees, […]

  • China increase aid, to gain influence – report Read more >

    China increase aid, to gain influence – report

    China, seeking to gain influence in the Indian Ocean , has reportedly increased its aid to Sri Lanka dramatically since 2005, a US Congressional report has said.“In the view of some analysts and observers, China is seeking to gain influence with the Sri Lankan government as part of a ‘string of pearls’ naval strategy to […]

  • Rajiva: UN expert panel copied from Weiss’s book, Channel 4 documentary

    Speaking on BBC’s HardTalk program Tuesday, Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe, advisor to the Sri Lankan President on reconciliation, claimed the UN panel of experts’ report on Sri Lanka’s war crimes had “taken stuff, some of it verbatim” from former UN spokesperson Gordon Weiss’s recently published book, and from Channel 4’s recent documentary. When asked why the […]

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