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JVP says Parties using terror tactics in North

By Yohan Perera
Certain powerful political parties were using the security forces to inflict fear on the opposition candidates contesting the local government elections in the North, the JVP charged yesterday. 

JVP Propaganda Secretary Vijitha Herath alleged its supporters had been prevented from canvassing in Tharamapuram in Kilinochchi by these parties which were using the security forces.
He also charged that a dog belonging to a TNA candidate had been killed and the head of the dead animal had been fixed on the said candidate’s gate.
Coming up with details on another incident, an effort made to get the Northern Women to make pro government statements have been failed as these women had come up with the social economical difficulties they were facing instead when they were interviewed by the state TV.
He said the funds spent by the said TV Channel had been wasted as their effort had failed
“The election campaign is carried out by the ruling powerful political parties in such an undemocratic manner,” he added.


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