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Political solution – Sampanthan proposes SL minister dismisses

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan, moving an adjournment motion in Sri Lanka’s parliament Thursday and speaking on it said that his objective was “to develop a just settlement within an undivided Sri Lanka,” adding that this approach has been widely endorsed by the international community, notably India. The co-chairs have clearly stated and have clearly ruled out any form of division of this country, he further said. On the same day in the SL parliament, SL minister Nimal Sripala de Silva said that his government would not offer a federal solution to Tamils. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka occupying the Tamil country is intensifying its war against the TNA as more and more of the TNA candidates and supporters are attacked and intimidated in civic elections in the north, news sources in Jaffna said.

According to the SL minister Nimal Sripala de Silva, the [Sinhala] majority in the island would oppose a federal solution.

The SL minister cited the example of Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNP willing for a federal solution but the Sinhalese ousting him from power.

The LTTE had agreed during the Norwegian facilitated peace talks between 2002 and 2004 that they would explore a federal solution to end the ethnic strife, the SL minister said.

However, the UNP’s willingness to arrive at a federal solution saw them being ousted from power with the majority Sinhalese overwhelmingly disapproving the Norwegian facilitation and the federal solution it sought to achieve, the SL minister pointed out.

The SL minister was absolutely right and was telling the truth, political observers in Jaffna said.

But knowing the reality that secession only would work in the island, yet denying it in the interests of them and not in the interests of the peoples of the island, India and some powers imposing unity of the island is not only wrong but prolongs the agony of Tamils in the island, the political observers in Jaffna further said.

In their opinion, Mr. Sampanthan, basing his polity on the faulty premises of the powers and making his lengthy plea to the SL parliament is like blowing a conch to the deaf.

Meanwhile, intimidation and attack on TNA are escalating in the north.

The aim of Sri Lanka occupying the Tamil country is to capture the politics of Tamils by militarily silencing them.

Following the military attack on the TNA election campaign meetings at A’laveddi in Jaffna and Vaddakkachchi in Vanni, as well as the military unofficially ordering the hall owners in Jaffna not to rent out halls to TNA meetings, now there are direct intimidations on the TNA candidates for the civic elections in the north.

The candidates and their supporters who are engaged in door-to-door campaign are attacked.

Two candidates in Maanippaay in Jaffna were attacked on Friday. A dead dog was thrown into the house of one of them Thursday night. The severed head of the dog was kept on a pike on the doorstep of his house.

Another TNA candidate found human excretion thrown at his house.

These were typical assaults carried out by the occupying Army in the north.

Most of the attacks take place in the nights and there are movements of suspicious characters in motorbikes late in the nights in Vadamaraadchi and Thenmaraadchi areas, people of the divisions say.

Many of the TNA candidates are afraid of consequences.

Evoking fear in the TNA candidates and among the voters, occupying Sri Lanka wants to ‘win’ the civic elections.

Occupying Sri Lanka’s military-controlled administration is also now geared to simulate an electoral victory for the Rajapaksa regime. The colonial governor Maj. Gen. Chandrasri takes an open stand in this regard. He participated the SLFP candidate’s meeting last weekend.

Convening a meeting of government officers in the north on Thursday, he threatened them that they all should work for the victory of the government in the civic elections.

Colombo rules out federal solution. It has made all administrative arrangements to make India’s pet 13th Amendment totally meaningless. Now it is resolved to militarily snatch away the politics of Tamils from the TNA.

Will the TNA and the powers it cites continue to blow the conch to the deaf or will they be still compromising even when the conch itself snatched away from them is what the Eezham Tamils wonder.

The military and political agony the powers are imposing on Eezham Tamils will have no end without decisive solutions based on Tamil right to self-determination, political observers in Jaffna said.


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