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  • Court orders arrest of journalist Radaliyagoda for corruption

    19 July 2011 / By Lakmal SooriyagodaThe Colombo Fort Magistrate today ordered the Colombo Fraud Investigations Bureau to arrest and  present in Court ITN journalist Sudharman Radaliyagoda who is alleged to have provided  forged document to two scrap iron traders  to obtain 1828 tonnes of scrap iron from Sri Lanka Telecom. The Court earlier ordered […]

  • Sri Lankan media voices concerns about Rajapakse’s pro-China orientation

    By Saman Gunadasa A lengthy editorial in the Sunday Times in Sri Lanka late last month highlighted the nervousness in the country’s political and business circles that President Mahinda Rajapakse is aligning the country too closely to China, with potentially damaging consequences.The occasion for the editorial was Rajapakse’s attendance for the first time at the […]

  • TNA: Sri Lanka performance lacking on solving key Tamil issues

    While Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has endeavored to work in the spirit of co-operation with the Sri Lanka Government, the Government has yet to address the Rehabilitation and Resettlement of all displaced Tamil families, continued to unlawfully repossess the land from Tamil people, and has failed to craft a political solution within the framework of […]

  • Sarath Fonseka and Arjna Ranathunga on corruption in Sri Lanka

    (LeN)Two opposition party leaders made two announcements. These announcements were made by two of the greatest Heroes which this country has ever produced and of whom the country is proud of. One was by no less a person than the all time war Hero , former Army commander who won the war for the country […]

  • Clinton, Jayalalithaa WILL discuss Sri Lanka’ Read more >

    Clinton, Jayalalithaa WILL discuss Sri Lanka’

    Senior Indian officials have claimed that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first ever trip to Chennai will be a strictly non-governmental visit with no discussion on Sri Lanka.But a senior official in the Barack Obama administration, who will accompany Clinton, has said that Sri Lanka would definitely figure in the discussions between the […]

  • Sri Lanka tolls without thought: Backed up traffic and black money

    ”For the eight lanes of the New Delhi-Gurgaon expressway there are 32 toll gates (and lanes). And how many toll gates and lanes are there on the eight-lane Southern Expressway? No extra lanes. No toll gates. No toll plaza, except on the State Engineering Corporation website.”  By Rohan Samarajiva There is a reason for applying […]

  • Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Harder than Ever – ICG

    Colombo/Brussels, 18 July 2011: President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s authoritarian and Sinhalese nationalist post-war policies are undermining prospects for reconciling Sri Lanka’s ethnic communities, weakening democracy for all Sri Lankans and increasing the risk of a return to violent conflict. Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Harder than Ever, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, analyses how […]

  • Interpol misused by Sri Lanka to punish opponents – ICIJ

    ‘Interpol misused to punish opponents’Interpol supposed to chase criminals across borders is being used by some countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Russia and Venezuela to punish political dissenters and opponents, a new investigation done by a Washington-based journalists’ consortium finds. “What our investigation found is that Interpol’s Red Notice system is being abused by […]

  • Ranil says four times (Rs 4300 million) the estimated cost spent on Sooriyawewa stadium

    By Piyasena DissanayakeUNP and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe called upon the government to tell people the reasons it had spent four times more money than architect’s estimate to construct Sooriyawewa Cricket Stadium in Hambantota.Addressing a party rally at Akurana on Saturday (16), Wickremesinghe said that architects had estimated the construction cost at Rs 1200 million […]

  • Is the Ministry of Higher Education violating the University Act? Read more >

    Is the Ministry of Higher Education violating the University Act?

    There are positive signs in the direction that the trade union action of the university teachers would come to an end soon. However, the fundamental issues raised by the University Teachers’ Association remain unresolved although the government responded positively to their demands on salaries and working conditions. The fundamentals are incorporated in the demand for […]

  • TNA may withdraw from the election

    The Tamil National Alliance says it may pullout from contesting the upcoming local government elections in Jaffna if its members continue to face harassment and intimidation.TNA MP M.K Sivajilingham told News that several TNA members had urged that the party withdraw from the polls but a final decision has not been taken. He said […]

  • EC or police cannot control election violence in the North – Tilvin

    Sunday, 17 July 2011Many candidates of the ruling party are engaged in election violence and violations but the Commissioner of Elections or the Police are unable to control them says the General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva.While his party contests the election without asking for preference votes or without any personal goals for its […]

  • HRC Cash Strapped

    By Indika Sri AravindaThe Human Rights Commission (HRC) is unable to inquire into 2,000 complaints received due to the lack of funds to operate the Commission, a member of the HRC Prof. Ananda Mendis said.The Presidential Secretariat has already been informed about the matter in writing.The financial crisis has resulted in delays in inquiring into […]

  • Dead dog politics in Jaffna

    ” The key challenge faced by democratic forces in Sri Lanka in the context of this reality is to reaffirm the democratic rights of the Tamil people by removing military rule and installing a civilian administration in those areas, while in the south, we need to debunk triumphalism by exposing the realities of the war.” […]

  • Chinese Economic Hitmen And The Rajapaksas – 9M USD given to MR

    By Frederica Jansz In an unprecedented move China has given President Mahinda Rajapaksa 9 million USD (approx. one billion rupees) as a grant in March this year to President Mahinda Rajapaksa to use at his discretion. According to highly places sources at the External Resources Department of the Treasury these monies were part of a […]

  • Sri Lanka Killing Fields – India taks a position

    ”There are two underlying messages to Sri Lanka in the statement. One is India’s stance that in addressing Tamil grievances, the Sri Lanka government “must move towards a new system of institutional reforms, where the Tamil people will have a feeling that they are equal citizens of Sri Lanka, and they can lead and live […]

  • SrI Lanka Killing Fields screened for US congress members

    On Friday night, the Channel 4 video was screened in Capitol Visitors Centre, Congressional Auditorium in Washington DC, for members of the United States Congress. The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International-USA, the International Crisis Group, and Open Society Foundations were responsible for organising this event. U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern, Co-Chair of the Tom Lantos Human […]

  • SOUTH SUDAN – Sri Lanka minister sees danger while president congratulates

    Government of Sri Lanka has expressed opposite opinions regarding the newest country, the South Sudan. Sinhala nationalist groups in Sri Lanka have been campaigning against the establishment of South Sudan as an independent country and have supported the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir  in recent times. Now in new turn of events Sri Lanka President has […]

  • Former IGP in ruling party election campaign in Jaffna

     It is reported that former IGP Dr. Mahinda Balasooriya is visiting Jaffna to engage in government’s election campaign.According to our correspondent the former IGP is engaged in the election campaign using government vehicles to bring victory to the ruling party at the local government election to be held on the 23rd of this month.Despite being […]

  • US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video Read more >

    US Congressmen urge probe after seeing C-4 video

     16 July 2011After a Capitol Complex screening of the Channel 4 documentary that purports to show war crimes in Sri Lanka, US lawmakers and rights advocates stepped up calls for an international probe into the allegations.“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” was shown to the public inside the US Capitol complex yesterday (July 15), AFP reports. Representative […]

  • India asks Sri Lanka to probe war crimes claims

    July 15, 2011 (AFP) India on Friday urged Sri Lanka to examine claims made in a British documentary that said it targeted civilians while crushing Tamil Tiger rebels two years ago. The Channel 4 documentary, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” aired last month on British television contained footage of what it said were prisoner executions.It also […]

  • Pilleyan’s gang responsible for Puddur bank heist Read more >

    Pilleyan’s gang responsible for Puddur bank heist

     Police investigations have revealed that a group of members of Thamil Makkal Vidudal Puligal (TMVP) or TamilPeoples Liberation Tigers of the Chief Minister for the Eastern Provincial Council Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan aka Pilleyan is responsible for the heist at People’s Bank at Pudur.An armed group that broke into the People’s Bank branch at Puddur in Batticaloa […]

  • Assets of state TV to Namal’s channel

     Assets of ‘Rupavahini’ and TNA are being illegally used by Namal Rajapakse to commence broadcasts of Carlton TV channel say employees of ‘Rupavahini.They say the relevant equipment for broadcasting the channel of President’s son are being fixed on the TNA tower in Sinharaja and two transmitters have been already fixed in a rest room of […]

  • CATIC cover up?

    UNP alleges serious misappropriation in second 10-acre Galle Face Land deal; Says agreements have not been carried out with only US$ 54 million paid of US$ 136 million total hence deal invalid; Wants Government to reveal details of transaction; Says suspicious company handling deal, wants company financials divulged By Uditha JayasingheSetting the stage for more […]

  • Col. R. Hariharan: FAQs on Channel 4 Video on War Crimes

    By Col. R. HariharanI have received a number of mails asking for my comments on the Channel 4 video Killing Fields on alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Army, particularly after I participated in a panel discussion on the subject in the Headlines Today TV channel recently. I am giving my views and comments […]

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