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Setup independent Commissions before elections – UNP

The UNP urged the government to setup the independent commissions mentioned in the LLRC report before going in for an election.  UNP media spokesman Gayantha Karunathilaka said at a press conference held yesterday (11), “if the government is hoping to have an election we are ready to accept it without any fear”.

As a country we are undergoing numerable problems. The problems that the people in the country are facing are immense. Amidst, all these problems the government is hoping to hold an election in future. We also need to ask the question as to why the government cannot have elections at a stretch than having it bit by bit, he said.

Many sectors in the country including education, agriculture, transport etc are in crisis. The employees working for the Sri Lanka Transport Board and the Kalutara depot have not been paid their salaries. There is also an inadequate train service Passengers are inconvenienced due to this.

He also added that the UPFA won the elections by making many false promises. Those promises have not been fulfilled and people who voted in favour of the government have also learnt a good lesson.

Recently, cars were imported to Sri Lanka, but none of these cars are selling since the taxes on motor vehicles have increased. The taxes on motor vehicles and trishaws have drastically increased and this has burdened the vehicle sellers on a large scale.

During a press conference held last week, I asked the government if the Indian Oil Corporation can earn profit why cannot the Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation do the same? For seven years the Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation has not earned any profit, he said.

“The minister of petroleum promised that once the price of crude oil in the world market decreases they will give some sort of concession to the people. But nothing of that sort has happened so far.” Karunathilaka said.
 By Azra Ameen


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