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NFF demands apology from Sampanthan

The National Freedom Front (NFF) has demanded an apology from TNA leader R. Sampanthan over his remarks during the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) convention. Describing Sampanthan’s remarks as ‘treacherous’ the NFF has said the parliamentarian owes the country an explanation.
NFF Secretary Priyanjith Vitharana has accused R. Sampanthan in a press release saying Sampanthan has called the 30 year war waged by the LTTE a freedom struggle and has dismissed the concept of a unitary nation.
Vitharana said Sampanthan has also stated that he has not given up the homeland concept.

“Sampanthan has said that he speaks of the 13 amendment as a trick while also speaking about the devolution of power and said that he will dedicate his life to gain an internal self rule for the Tamil nationals. Apart from this, he has also said that if he cannot gain an internal self rule through the 13th constitutional amendments, he will take steps to ask for an external self rule while stating that he has a map to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka,” the press release stated.
It also said that that R. Sampanthan is trying to live and accomplish the dream of a separate state that Velupillai Prabhakaran failed to achieve and said R. Sampanthan should apologize to the country publicly or if not the authorities should take legal action against him.


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