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  • Sri Lanka: The Return Of The Grease Devils Read more >

    Sri Lanka: The Return Of The Grease Devils

    In many rural areas of Sri Lanka the ‘Grease Yaka’ (Grease Devils) panic is spreading fast. According to reports, nighttime assaults on women and thefts/robberies by grease rubbed men are being blamed on this mythical character prompting women to stay indoors and men to arm themselves. The Sunday Times reports that Grease Yakas have been […]

  • Sri Lanka to purchase 14 Mi-17 military helicopters from Russia

    Further bolstering its military ties with Russia and expanding its own military machine beyond its local needs, Sri Lanka has entered into yet another contract with Russia’s state-run arms enterprise, Rosoboronexport, to purchase different modifications of Mi-17 military helicopters, reports from Colombo and Moscow said. While Rajapasa-critics in Colombo said the purchase is ‘managed’ by […]

  • Abandoned Tamil schools acquired by occupying SL military – TN

    Sri Lanka military occupying the country of Eezham Tamils acquires abandoned Tamil schools for converting them into military camps. Occupying military officers are busy in recent days in collecting particulars of the abandoned schools in the Vanni districts as well as in the Vadamaraadchi, Thenmaraadchi and the islands divisions of the Jaffna district. The occupying […]

  • New Emergency Regulation’, No. 7 of 2011  gives more powers to  President – CPA Read more >

    New Emergency Regulation’, No. 7 of 2011 gives more powers to President – CPA

    ”In this respect, we are extremely concerned over the promulgation on 8 August 2011 of ‘The Emergency (Administration of Local Authorities) Regulation’, No. 7 of 2011. This Emergency Regulation vests the administration of the affairs of the local authorities for which elections are to be held in Competent Authorities selected by the President.”  Emergency Regulations […]

  • FTZ unions protest CID intrusion

    Complains to President and Police ChiefSusitha R. Fernando The proposed Private Pensions Bill was shelved following massive trade union campaigns and a killing of a Katunayake FTZ worker last May, but trade unions have complained to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the IGP over recent intrusions by the CID.Trade union representatives said CID officers raided, intimidated […]

  • Madu pilgrims inconvenienced by Police action . Read more >

    Madu pilgrims inconvenienced by Police action .

    Thousands of Catholic pilgrims heading for the Madu feast from the South were inconvenienced today when the Police in Mannar ordered that no private buses will be able to travel to the area and passengers could travel only by state run buses.The move prompted a strike by the Private Bus Owners Association in Mannar until […]

  • Army Camps in closed schools Read more >

    Army Camps in closed schools

    ‘Lanka’ newspaper reveals that the Ministry of Defence has taken steps to set up Army camps in schools which have been recommended as ineffective by the Ministry of Education. At the Attadassi Junior School at Watagedara, Thihagoda in Matara District an Army camp of 3rd Gemunu Regiment ‘B” Group is being established.  The Campaign for Safeguarding […]

  • EPRLF Thurairatnam condemns Tamil ministers for failing to confront Sinhalacisation in East Read more >

    EPRLF Thurairatnam condemns Tamil ministers for failing to confront Sinhalacisation in East

    R.Thurairatnam The Sri Lankan government led by Mahinda Rajapaksa is actively engaged in destroying historic places of worship and illegally acquiring lands belonging to Eezham Tamils and it is a pity to note some Tamil collaborators with ministerial positions in Rajapaksa government have no backbone in opposing the landgrab and the Sinhalicisation, said R.Thurairatnam, Eastern […]

  • AG questions National Defence Fund spending Read more >

    AG questions National Defence Fund spending

    The auditor general has questioned the spending by the National Defence Fund. ( the fund comes under president Rajapaksha)The AG yesterday (Aug. 1) tabled his report on the Fund to Parliament. The report has cited irregularities in the granting of money to an outside organization in order to give loans to members of the armed […]

  • Ratnajeevan Hoole flees Sri Lanka

    Professor Ratnajeevan Hoole, the unsuccessful candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jaffna supported by a section of pro-Rajapaksa elements, had to flee Jaffna as well as the island in the wake of a defamation case filed by SL minister Douglas Devananda in the Kayts court, news sources in Jaffna said adding […]

  • STF camps in all districts

    Supun DiasA Special Task Force (STF) camp will be set up in each of the country’s administrative districts on the orders of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa to combat and tackle illegal activities which the police find difficult to handle, the STF Commandant said yesterday. “The setting up of camps is the first step by the […]

  • DIG for Dengue

    DIG Ravi Wijewardena has been given the authority to purview and speed up the dengue eradicating programme covering all parts of the country.DIG Wijewardena is also in charge of the Puttalam District. His task is to use the police environment protection units and ‘Praja Police’ units to coordinate and speed up eradication programmes implemented in […]

  • Minister Devananda has great difficulties speaking the truth

    by S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole This is the text of a Statement by Prof. S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole regarding Minister Douglas Devananda’ complaint to the Kayts Police on his article “Pitfalls in the President’s Alliance with the EPDP–A Visit to Kayts on Elections Day” (posted on Transcurrents on July 24th 2011)and the Police Questioning him about […]

  • A dangerous delight in giddiness: Five years after ACF murders in Moothoor

    ”Today’s Lanka is characterised by public cynicism, fear and institutional decay: fear among journalists of crossing invisible lines; cynicism about the country’s rulers and general disbelief in what they say; and the progressive decay of institutions that should protect human rights.”Rajan Hoole and Kopalasingham Sritharan, UTHR (Jaffna)“What is truth?” said jesting Pilate, and would not […]

  • Sinister reason for not resettling people in their own villages says TNA

    4th August 2011/This is the text of a press release issued by the Tamil National Alliance The TNA has received information that at a meeting held yesterday at Mullaitivu, attended by senior civilian and military officials, the following decisions have been arrived at:That the Internally Displaced Persons from the villages of Puthumathalan, Mullivaikkal West, Mullivaikkal East, […]

  • Leadership training killed her

    Lumbini KarandanaThe Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) alleged yesterday that a student who was selected for the university had died soon after undergoing the government leadership programme as a catarrhal problem of hers had worsened during the programme.ISUF Convener Sanjeewa Bandara told a media briefing that this student who was from Thennakongama, Welimada (in Badulla […]

  • Grievances of people in North:Sangaree volunteers to help govt find solution

    By Manjula FERNANDOA fearless critic of LTTE atrocities, the leader of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Veerasingham Anandasangaree has spent most of his days, during the LTTE’s bloody years, behind closed doors of his tightly secured house in Colombo.A veteran Tamil politician who took to politics in 1950s and entered Parliament contesting Kilinochchi district in […]

  • Colombo targeting Tamil civil service is more than revenge

    Orders have been issued by Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa and by his sibling Basil Rajapaksa to colonial governor Maj. Gen. Chandrasri for immediate and full-swing replacement of Tamil civil service in the north. The act may superficially look as a revenge for the defeat in the civic elections, but it is actually aimed to […]

  • Tamils sceptical of future in Sri Lanka’s north

    By Shihar AneezJAFFNA: Sri Lanka’s minority Tamils say President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s post-war development and infrastructure projects in the former war zone in the island’s north have yet to address their real concerns and have not excluded their participation.Sri Lanka’s northern cities held local polls for the first time in many years on Saturday amid opposition […]

  • An election that challenged democracy – JV

    At the second phase of the local government election that was concluded yesterday the government, as in all other elections held so far, obtained its results not by allowing masses to express their  wish independently within a democratic or fair and free election process states the JVP.Issuing a communiqué regarding the concluded local government elections […]

  • President reiterates police, land powers not subjects for PCs

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa has reiterated his long-held view that police powers and land “were not subjects for the Provincial Council.He has told ‘The Hindu’ in an interview that he had seen “what has happened in India, in the recent Mumbai bomb attacks.“How slow it [the police and security response] was, you know, with all the […]

  • Police top HR violators in 2009

    By Saman Indrajith The highest number of complaints of human rights violations had been received against the Police Department for violating human rights in 2009, Parliament was told yesterday. Chief Government Whip Water Supply and Drainage Minister Dinesh Gnawardena said that of the 5,454 complaints received that year, 2691 were against the police. He was […]

  • TMVP mastermind of Rs. 175 mn bank robbery arrested

    By Lal Gunasekera A senior cadre of Eastern Province Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan’s party TMVP was arrested yesterday by the CID at Wennappuwa for masterminding the robbery of Rs. 160 million cash and Rs 15 million in jewellery from the People’s Bank branch at Puttur two weeks ago. The police said a person who resembled […]

  • Sri Lanka’s white vans deliver fear and oppression

    ”Entering on tourist visas to a former Tamil Tiger administered region RNW spoke to locals, on subjects as diverse as business, sport and the UN’s development role. During one such conversation in a restaurant they were spied on and reported to the police, who later that night arrived at the hotel for a midnight interrogation. […]

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