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LSSP blasts Govt. over fuel hike and deployment of troops

UPFA constituent, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party yesterday strongly condemned the SLFP-led government’s decision to increase the price of diesel and kerosene in spite of protests.  The LSSP’s condemnation came in the wake of the government increasing petrol by Rs. 12, diesel by Rs. 31 and kerosene by Rs. 35 a litre with effect from Saturday. It was the biggest hike in diesel and kerosene prices.

Until Saturday, the price of a litre of petrol was Rs. 137, diesel Rs. 84 and kerosene Rs 76.The increase in diesel and kerosene prices amounted to a staggering 36.9 per cent and 49.3 per cent respectively.

In a hard hitting statement issued yesterday, the LSSP alleged that the government hadn’t even bothered to discuss the unprecedented hike with constituent parties. Those who had exercised their franchise in support of the UPFA were disappointed by the shocking move, the party said.

In the harshest criticism so far directed at the SLFP, the LSSP’s Deputy General Secretary, Anil de Soysa lashed out at those in charge of the economy for going ahead with the IMF demand to float the Sri Lankan rupee.

While warning that the global economic and security crisis could further escalate fuel prices, the LSSP said that the recent fuel hike had given an opportunity to those waiting to trigger political chaos and undermine post-war stability.

The UPFA constituent also condemned the decision to deploy troops to quell those engaged in protests and last Wednesday’s killing of a 35-year-old fisherman during a protest against the diesel hike and sky rocketing cost of living. (SF)


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