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‘Citizenry should prepare for an invasion by US’

The mentality of the citizenry should be prepared to face an invasion by the US, said JHU secretary Patali Champika Ranawaka.  Speaking to the media today (Mar. 01), he said it was imperative that the country was strengthened in the socioeconomic fronts to face any sanctions by the West.

 Mr. Ranawaka warned the Lankan people that they could face outside interference like by Iran.

 He noted that the Department of Census and Statistics has recorded 11,172 deaths in the north in 2009.

 Of them, 2,523 are due to natural causes, and the balance 7,934 includes suicides, killings, deaths in the battlefield etc, for which the main culprit is the LTTE.

 This is a very good answer to those who accuse the country of war crimes, he said.

 Certain persons have now forgotten that the LTTE had murdered the people who had tried to surrender to the government.

 Also, human rights groups are tight-lipped about the 20,402 Sinhalese who had been living in the North in 1971, said Mr. Ranawaka.

 It is not surprising that the US, UK, France, Norway and other European countries are harbouring the criminals who had committed genocides in Sri Lanka.

 The US is involved in a fight for supremacy in the Indian Ocean, laying its hands on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Maldives, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and now Sri Lanka, he charged.


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