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Enough of democracy – Mervyn

Minister Mervyn Silva says the government has observed enough of democracy, and asks the president and the defence secretary to be strict on conspirators.  If no firm measures are taken against the plotters, the minister told journalists yesterday (Feb. 14) that he could no longer remain a partner of the government.

 Mr. Silva said that had he been the private transport minister, he would have taught a good lesson to the striking bus drivers who had inconvenienced the commuters.

 Noting that the people accuse the government over the bus strike, he said such action would not solve the matters.

 Strikes are the last resort of a union, but bus drivers started with a work stoppage, he added.

 He also said that he would never leave his electorate Kelaniya, and issued a firm warning to those who were working against him.

 Mr. Silva went onto say that he was not a person who would go down on his knees, kiss someone’s the feet and seek a pardon.

 He said that he would leave everything to the gods and added that he would become stronger in the face of challenges.



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