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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Irony of ironies! Minister Devananda is Govt, representative at Geneva HR sessions, but his leader is rapist and murderer here

A leader in Jaffna of EPDP party of Minister Douglas Devananda had raped and killed a 13 year old girl, according to reports reaching Lanka e news. Kandasamy Jegadeeswaran, this ruthless rapist and murderer holds a high post in the armed group of the EPDP.

The victim, a school girl residing at Nedunthivu , Jaffna had gone to the boutique to buy bread after returning from School on 3rd of March last saturday. The criminal had arrived in a bicycle and offered a lift to the girl as the boutique is far from home. As the rapist murderer was known to the family , she had accepted the lift. Later, he had taken her to a desolate place and raped her before killing her by hitting with a pole to her head.

After the body of the girl was discovered on yesterday(04), and the village came to know of it, they have attacked the criminal and handed him over to the police. In an earlier incident this same criminal belonging to Minister Douglas Devananda’s party has raped a lady after threatening her by brandishing a pistol. But she had not informed anybody out of fear.

The civilians resident in Jaffna accuse Minister Devananda and hold him directly responsible for the raging crimes including rapes, abductions and murders in the north. The irony of it is this same allegedly criminal Minister is a member of SL Govt. ‘s team of representative s presently attending the sessions of the human rights Commission in Geneva.


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