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  • India Welcomes Report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission of Sri Lanka and Urges Implementation of Recommendations

    This is the text of an official communique released by the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA), India on December 25 th2011- In response to a question the Official Spokesperson (MEA) said:    The report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), was tabled by the Government of Sri Lanka in its Parliament on 16 December. While […]

  • Indian devolution model cannot be replicated in Sri Lanka – Govt.

    Zacki JabbarThe government said yesterday that it was not prepared to adopt the Indian devolution model in Sri Lanka.  Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwalle,addressing the weekly cabinet press briefing in Colombo,said that ITAK which claims to represent the Tamil people,was trying to create a de-facto state by laying down conditions such as the re-merger of the […]

  • TNA: will soon take a call on talks

     R.K. Radhakrishnan The talks between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), an umbrella group of Tamil political parties representing the Northern Tamils, is headed for another trough, with both sides levelling a series of allegations against the other. It began soon after the TNA expressed its views on the Lessons Learnt […]

  • LLRC Report & Resettlement of Northern Muslims

    Dr Rifai Recently chairman of the lesson learnt and reconciliation commission C. R.De Silva and his team published their report recommending many reconciliation steps to build a peaceful communal relationship between different communities in Srilanka. Some daily news papers have already begun to publish this report in series so that public will know what is […]

  • Lessons unlearnt and reconciliation deconstructed

    Dr Kumar DavidThe LLRC (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission) appointed by President Mahinda Rajapakse has submitted its report and it is now in the public domain. I do not intend to summarise the 460-pages but only to give my evaluation in a few paragraphs. I will follow this up with a short closing section in […]

  • Implementing the LLRC recommendations

    Neville Ladduwahetty,While the subject of reconciliation is addressed in Chapter 8 of the LLRC report, recommendations as to how issues pertaining to reconciliation are addressed are contained in Chapter 9. There is bound to be disagreement as to the validity and relevance in respect of the totality of the recommendations. However, there has to be […]

  • LLRC report reflects a shift of thinking which calls for a break with the past of post war nationalism

    Jehan Perera  The initial reaction to the long awaited report of Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission from the international human rights organizations was one of rejection.  They expressed their lack of satisfaction with the commission’s findings, some even going to the extent of calling it a white wash’.Their response would have been shaped […]

  • ‘Final solution only through PSC’

    UPFA Parliamentarian Sajin Vass Gunawardena yesterday emphasized that any final solution to the Tamil question will only be through the PSC process. MP Gunawardena who is the Secretary of the committee appointed to have discussions with the TNA said there was no deadline agreed to or even discussed as to the committee proceedings. He was […]

  • LLRC Recommendations: Can the Rajapaksa Regime Digest?

     Kusal Perera Finally, the full report of the long awaited Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) is in public domain, after it was presented in parliament on Friday (16 December, 2011) by the Leader of the House, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva. He in fact sounded very certain the recommendations would be carried out to […]

  • LLRC wants political leaders to apologise to people for war

    Saman IndrajithThe Lessons learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) has called for a joint declaration of apology from leaders of all sides to the country’s citizens who have suffered as a result of the 30 year long conflict. “Leaders of all sides should reach out to each other in humility and make a joint declaration, extending […]

  • Tamil refugees and war widows in militarised Jaffna

    Melani Manel PereraAlmost three since the end of the civil war, the northern peninsula has one one soldier for every 11 civilians, that is 40-50,000 troops out of a population of 600,000. About 39,000 war widows and 200,000 internally displaced people are still waiting. Tamils too are waiting for the government to provide housing, jobs, […]

  • TNA should demand transfer of power from military to elected provincial councils in North and East as pre-condition for participation in parliamentary select committee

    Sumanasiri LiayanageAlthough I took up this and related issues many a time before, the current impasse in talks between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has compelled me to address those issues once again as, in my view, the resolution of the national question would be key to Sri […]

  • JVP presents 13-point plan for reconciliation

     Shamindra Ferdinando The JVP on Saturday (Dec. 10) said that those held for their alleged involvement with the LTTE should have been tried before Tamil speaking judges.  Launching a special political campaign in the Northern Province, the JVP lambasted the UPFA government for keeping LTTEsuspects in the dark as to what was going on in courts. […]

  • SL Police backed robbery group exposed in Mannaar

     [TamilNet] The Sri Lankan Police in the city of Mannaar has been backing a 10-member gang to fuel communal hatred among the sections of Tamil speaking people in Mannaar, legal sources in the city told TamilNet Tuesday. The ploy has come to light after the gang leader with Muslim name, allegedly a convert from Hindu […]

  • TNA asks government not to place new impediments in talks

    (The Hindu) Reiterating the commitment of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to continue the talks aimed at arriving on an amicable political solution for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the TNA on Saturday urged the government “to honour the mutual agreement reached and not to place new impediments to achieving an acceptable political solution that […]

  • What Happened To India’s 50,000 Houses?

    Maryam AzwerWhen The Sunday Leader interviewed R. Sampanthan a week ago, the TNA leader claimed that of the 50,000 houses the Government of India had donated to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Sri Lanka, only 50 had been fully completed.“According to our sources, when the Indian Foreign Secretary visited last month, only 50 houses had […]

  • All under control in Jaffna: Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe .

    Security in and around the Jaffna peninsula and the North has been tightened as the military has received information that a group was planning to paste posters in the area to mark  the birthday of Velupillai Prabhakaran.Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General Mahinda Hathurasinghe noted that no celebration or activity will take place in the […]

  • Sri Lanka’s war against Tamil heroes continues for the third year

     [TamilNet] Genocidal Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils continued for the third year in militarily preventing people observing the Heroes Day week ending on Sunday. SL military’s paranoia or arrogance of oppression has gone to the extent of ordering temples not to toll bells or light lamps during the week. Military is also […]

  • Sri Lanka declares 2012 as Year for a Trilingual Sri Lanka

    The Sri Lankan Government has decided to declare year 2012 as the Year for a Trilingual Sri Lanka aimed at motivating the people to acquire trilingual skills.A paper presented by president Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Cabinet suggests that far-seeing initiatives are  needed  to be taken to prevent the resurgence of terrorism which ravaged the country […]

  • TNA wants political solution decided by year end

    Srilankamirror – The TNA says the party’s aim is to conclude discussions with the government on finding a political solution to the ethnic issue by the end of the year.  Requests made by the TNA from the government to set a deadline to the discussions in order to make it more effective had not received […]


    (Srilankamirror) – TULF leader is advising president Mahinda Rajapaksa in good faith that no satisfactory permanent solution can ever be found to the national question under a unitary system of governance.   In a letter to president Rajapaksa, the TULF leader says, “I had been repeatedly saying that only the Indian Model will be acceptable to […]

  • Administration of 7 Tamil villages to be brought under Muslim dominated Ea’raavoor UC

     [TamilNet]Colombo government has recently given instructions to Ea’raavoor Urban Council chairman Ali Zahir Mowlana to bring 7 Tamil villages under his administration using the Urban Council, informed sources told reporters in Batticaloa. The villages Aa’rumukaththaan-kudiyiruppu, Tha’lavaay, Chavukkadi, Mayilampaave’li and wards No 1, 4 and 5 in the Ea’raavoor under the Ea’raavoor Chengkaladi Piratheasa Chapai (PS) […]

  • Sri Lanka at ‘critical point’ post-LTTE, says politician

     M.R. Narayan Swamy (IANS) A prominent Sri Lankan politician who played a key role in the peace process says his country stands at ‘a critical point’ when decision makers need to make choices to help heal the wounds of a war that ended two years ago.‘We stand at a critical point. We have an opportunity […]

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