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  • Why Christian persecution is worrisome in Sri Lanka Read more >

    Why Christian persecution is worrisome in Sri Lanka

    Francis Xavier’s Catholic Churchat Angulana attacked on 6th June 2013 World Evangelical AllianceFour years after its military victory over Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka appears to be seeking to establish social and political supremacy of the Sinhala Buddhist majority within a unitary state, instead of bringing about reconciliation. And this post-war resurgence of nationalism no longer […]

  • 30 temples, 25 churches remain damaged in Ki’linochchi

    Even after four years have passed, More than 30 Saiva temples are found either destroyed or damaged in the three divisions of Ki’linochchi district, informed sources in Ki’linohchi told TamilNet on Saturday. In one division alone, 24 churches have been damaged during the war, according to civil sources in Ki’linochchi. In one of the division, […]

  • The judiciary must be totally free from executive pressure or influence and must be fiercely independent: BASL President Read more >

    The judiciary must be totally free from executive pressure or influence and must be fiercely independent: BASL President

    Mr. Jayasuriya Some weeks ago, when a ceremonial sitting was held to welcome the new Supreme Court judge Rohini Perera-Marasinghe, the BASL President was not invited. This, lawyers say, is a breach of time-honoured traditions because normally it is the BASL that welcomes a new judge to the superior courts and sends out the invitations. […]

  • Ruling party politico orders lady teacher to kneel in class

    NWP Provincial Councillor remanded; more cases of lawlessness by ruling party membersA UPFA Provincial Councillor who allegedly ordered a teacher to kneel because she admonished his daughter for wearing short dresses has been remanded. North Western Provincial Councillor Ananda Sarath Kumar was arrested in Anamaduwa, produced before Puttalam’s Acting Magistrate Mohammed Iqbal and remanded till […]

  • Gotabaya Rajapaksa : Present National Security Concerns of Sri Lanka Read more >

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa : Present National Security Concerns of Sri Lanka

    Gotabaya Chithanaya for national security  There are several potential threats in today’s context that Sri Lanka needs to be concerned about. These include: The possible re-emergence of terrorism The emergence of other extremist groups The creation of ethnic divisions and communal violence The challenges of maritime security and border control The growth of organised crime […]

  • Former War Zone Craves Democracy Read more >

    Former War Zone Craves Democracy

    Analysis by Amantha Perera    COLOMBO, Jun 14 2013 (IPS) – For the first time since Sri Lanka’s 30-year-long civil conflict drew to a bloody finish in May 2009, casting an eerie hush over the Northern Province that had grown accustomed to the sounds of war, there is a buzz in the air generated by […]

  • Soldier who raped 6-year-old in Nedunkerni, Vanni identified

    The soldier, who had allegedly raped a girl, just 6 years and 8 months old, at Nedunkerni, Jaffna, was identified by witnesses and the victim at the Vavuniya Magistrate’s Court, recently.The soldier was attached to an Army camp at Nedunkerni.Police said, the suspect was arrested by the CID and remanded over the incident, alleged to […]

  • Committee appointed to probe NGOs

    The government has appointed a special Board of Intellectuals to probe charges and allegations being made against NGOs and their operations. Subsequent to this it has been made compulsory for all NGOs operating in the country to register themselves with the Office for the Registration of Non Governmental Organizations.This step is being taken to ‘thwart […]

  • 13th Amendment dilution bid by Lanka worries India

    ENS – NEW DELHI India is deeply worried about the seemingly determined efforts being made by the Sri Lankan government to dilute provisions of the 13th Amendment, a key to reach a political settlement with Sri Lankan Tamils, thus casting a shadow over the credibility of the forthcoming Northern Provincial elections there.Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leaders […]

  • Rising Muslim-Buddhist tensions in Sri Lanka

    Photo: Contributor/IRIN Muslims make up 9 percent of the population (IRIN) – An increasing number of Muslim Sri Lankans, who make up around 9 percent of the population, are feeling uneasy amid fears of growing sectarian tensions, say local people and observers. “We just don’t feel we belong here any more,” Fadhil Ahamed, who works […]

  • US wants accountability in Lanka Read more >

    US wants accountability in Lanka

    The United Sates says it is looking for Sri Lanka to proceed with accountability and genuine reconciliation and will be watching “very carefully” to decide what steps may be necessary to be taken again at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).Speaking at a press briefing at the UN headquarters in New York yesterday (Tuesday) US […]

  • Top Sri Lanka police officer held over ‘contract killing’ Read more >

    Top Sri Lanka police officer held over ‘contract killing’

    Vaas Gunawardena is already a controversial figure in Sri Lanka One of Sri Lanka’s most senior police officers has been arrested under terrorism laws over the murder of a businessman in Colombo. Deputy Inspector-General Vaas Gunawardena has been given a 90-day detention order. He is suspected of involvement in the alleged contract killing of Mohamed […]

  • Muslim Congress Parliamentary Group Unanimously Resolves to Oppose Govt Moves to Amend 13th Constitutional Amendment Read more >

    Muslim Congress Parliamentary Group Unanimously Resolves to Oppose Govt Moves to Amend 13th Constitutional Amendment

    Hakeem cornered D.B.S.JEYARAJPresident Rajapaksa’s proposed move to bring about urgent legislation to amend the Thirteenth Constitutional Amendment and circumscribe devolution suffered a major setback as the Government’s chief Muslim constituent party has resolved to oppose such arbitrary and ad hoc attempts to make Constitutional changes.The Parliamentary Group of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC) met at […]

  • India seeks urgent meeting with TNA

    The Indian government has sought an urgent meeting with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on the 13th Amendment to the constitution, the Uthayan newspaper owned by TNA MP E. Sarawanabavan reported today.Accordingly a TNA delegation led by TNA leader R. Sampanthan will head to New Delhi next week to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh […]

  • Shower of stones at Opposition Leader’s convoy during Balapitiya visit .

     Police today prevented a pro-government mob setting upon Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as he toured the Balapitiya area visiting families whose members had been killed in Saturday’s stormy weather conditions at sea. So far over 50 persons have killed with about 22 of them from Balapitiya.Mr Wickremesinghe who visited some of the families had been advised […]

  • Saiva temple sculptures smashed in Trincomalee Read more >

    Saiva temple sculptures smashed in Trincomalee

    An unknown squad has vandalized 13 Hindu Terracotta sculptures on the entrance tower (Koapuram) being constructed at the Katpaka Vinyaakar temple in Trincomalee on Friday night, the administration of the temple told media after filing a complaint with the SL police on Saturday. In addition to the sculptures that have been smashed, a number of […]

  • Vote as you wish on 13A JHU resolution says MR

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa today told the coalition partners of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) that they can vote as they wish in parliament on the proposed changes to the 13th Amendment to the constitution.The President expressed this view when he met separately with the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and the EPDP today, Presidential spokesman […]

  • Catholic Bishops against changes to 13th Amendment

    The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka requested the government not to proceed with amending the 13th Amendment, but to discuss with all relevant parties on drawing up a totally new Constitution, which is fair by all communities.The 13th Amendment of the National Constitution is a system that by and large, allows the greater participation […]

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