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Tamil righs

Tamil righs

  • SLA assaults, threatens activists who protest against sand mining in Batticaloa

    [TamilNet] The occupying Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers at Mu’rakkoddaagn-cheanai camp in Batticaloa district have summoned civil activists from Chantha’na-madu river basin to their camp, intimidating them and issuing death threats to some of the activists for having protested against illegal sand mining carried out by TMVP paramilitary operated by the SLA. The villagers, intimidated […]

  • LLRC: Another Nail in the Coffin of Justice, Democracy and Freedom

    (Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe )The entire value of the LLRC report rests upon two conditions: First, whether it addresses the core issues raised by allegations of violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, including war crimes and crimes against nature and humanity. The core issues include targeting civilians, shelling of No-Fire Zones and hospitals, atrocities […]

  • TNA calls for an international mechanism for accountability in SL

     The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has called on the international community to establish a “mechanism for accountability” to bring to book the perpetrators of war crimes during the last stages of the Eelam War that ended in May 2009.The party has said the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report, “categorically fails to effectively and […]

  • ‘The Tamil diaspora does not want peace’

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), ending the 30-year-old ethnic war. But a political settlement eludes the country. In this interview with R. Bhagwan Singh at his Temple Tree residence in Colombo, the President spoke about relations with India and China, and the difficulties in relation to the […]

  • ‘Please Stop Saying you Unified Country Because Sri Lanka was Never Divided to be Unified’-Sangaree Writes to Mahinda

    Tamil United Liberation Front(TULF) Secretary – General and former Parliamentarian Veerasingham Anandasangaree has in a letter written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa stressed that a solution to the Ethnic problem is needed immediatelyHere is the text of the TULF leader’s letter: 2011.12.26 His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa,President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,Temple Trees,Colombo – 03 […]

  • Tamils to blame for Lanka solution delay: Rajapaksa

    Brushing aside the criticism that he is nowhere near delivering a political solution even 30 months after ending the Eelam war, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has blamed Tamils, within the country and outside, for the delay by refusing to participate in the consultative process authored by him.“The parliamentary select committee [PSC] is a good […]

  • Protestors force SL military to open cremation ground in HSZ

    [TamilNet] Resettled Tamils in the eastern part of Kaangkeasanthu’rai (KKS) on Tuesday staged a spontaneous protest against the Sri Lanka military demanding the right of the dead to be cremated in their own cremation ground. The protestors threatening to carry the casket of one of their relatives to the cremation ground blocked the main access […]

  • TNA & LLRC report

    (Dayan Jayatilleka)  Whatever one may think of the LLRC and NORAD reports, it is incontrovertible that two of the three major players in the last stage of the Sri Lankan conflict have undertaken and undergone a preliminary audit of sorts—the Sri Lankan state and the Norwegians– while the third (and the second in importance) has […]

  • Implementing LLRC report in New Year will be the challenge

     Jehan Perera – The 388-page report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission appears to be earning more bouquets than brickbats. Even one of the government’s foremost critics, the International Crisis Group, has noted its positive contribution to affirming principles of good governance and a political solution to the ethnic conflict. However, it has expressed […]

  • LLRC criticisms escalate as Colombo threatens legal action

    [TamilNet] Questioning the need for “a seven-man presidential Commission costing millions of rupees for platitudinous recommendations that the government will ignore,” Prof. Kumar David, in an opinion column in Lakbima says, “[t]his game [LLRC] is not being played for reconciliation with the Tamils; it is being played to get the human rights and international agencies […]

  • Rajapaksa strengthens blueprint of Sinhalicisation in East

    [TamilNet]Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has re-appointed former Sri Lanka Navy Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral (Rtd) Mohan Wijewickrama as the Governor of Eastern Province for the second term on December 22. Wijewickrama’s re-appointment is considered as a move by Mr. Rajapaksa to keep the civil administration of the Eastern Provincial Council under the control […]

  • SL military appropriates 54 acres of Palaali Training College

     [TamilNet]Sri Lankan Defence Ministry has set afoot plans for grabbing the lands of Palaali Teachers Training College, one of the two key academic institutions of Tamil teachers in the North, for military purposes. The latest move by Colombo to appropriate the 54 acres of the land situated near the Palaali airport in the High Security […]

  • SLA steps up harassment on University students in Jaffna

    Sri Lanka Army deployed hundreds of soldiers around the University of Jaffna Thursday evening harassing the students by checking everyone at the two main entries to the University throughout the evening and night. The latest move comes following the death threats issued to 8 named student activists and three lecturers of the Jaffna University. The […]

  • Missing activist’s wife lodged complaint at ICRC

    Lakna ParanamannaWife of missing activist Kugan lodged a complaint at the ICRC today regarding the disappearance of her husband and the other missing activist – Lalith. The complaint was lodged today by Kugan’s wife Muruganandan Janadha under No: LKC 111264. Kugan’s eight year old daughter and missing activist Lalith’s father was also present to lodge […]

  • Grimm: Sri Lankan Government Risks Squandering Hard-Won Opportunity

    Rep. Michael GrimmThe end of a three-decade long civil war in Sri Lanka has given the country an incredible opportunity to address the war’s root cause — long-standing ethnic tension — and forge ahead with its plans for an open, democratic and prosperous future. The war between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil […]

  • Indian devolution model cannot be replicated in Sri Lanka – Govt.

    Zacki JabbarThe government said yesterday that it was not prepared to adopt the Indian devolution model in Sri Lanka.  Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwalle,addressing the weekly cabinet press briefing in Colombo,said that ITAK which claims to represent the Tamil people,was trying to create a de-facto state by laying down conditions such as the re-merger of the […]

  • TNA: will soon take a call on talks

     R.K. Radhakrishnan The talks between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), an umbrella group of Tamil political parties representing the Northern Tamils, is headed for another trough, with both sides levelling a series of allegations against the other. It began soon after the TNA expressed its views on the Lessons Learnt […]

  • Findings of the LLRC Report Are ‘Grossly Inadequate’

    Canadian Tamil Congress Preliminary Reaction to the LLRC Report .May 19th, 2009 marked the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war; one of the world’s bloodiest and longstanding ethnic conflicts which left parts of the island distraught, devastated and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. Since the end of the war, there have been persistent and […]

  • Lessons unlearnt and reconciliation deconstructed

    Dr Kumar DavidThe LLRC (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission) appointed by President Mahinda Rajapakse has submitted its report and it is now in the public domain. I do not intend to summarise the 460-pages but only to give my evaluation in a few paragraphs. I will follow this up with a short closing section in […]

  • Shed LTTE mentality, Rajapaksa tells Tamils

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked the TNA, country’s main Tamil political party, to shed the ‘LTTE mentality’ and join hands with the government to deal with various contentious issues.  Rajapaksa’s comments came after TNA called for an international inquiry into alleged war crimes based on the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission […]

  • No Police Powers to Provinces

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa has reiterated that the demand of the Tamil National Alliance for police powers to the North and East is not a practicable proposition. He pointed out that such an arrangement was causing problems in India, for instance, where during a law and order crisis, the Indian Centre has to liaise with the […]

  • TNPF slams LLRC report

     [TamilNet] In a press briefing held in Jaffna following the public release of the LLRC report, the by the Tamil National People Front (TNPF) said it totally rejects the report and added that the report is a deliberate attempt to whitewash the egregious crimes committed against the Tamil people. “The report places the blame on […]

  • TNA wants accountability mechanism for Sri Lanka

    K. Radhakrishnan Calling upon the international community to establish a “mechanism for accountability” to bring to book the perpetrators of war crimes during the last stages of the Eelam War that ended in May 2009, the Tamil National Alliance on Monday said the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission report “categorically fails to effectively and meaningfully […]

  • Remembering the APRC expert panel ‘majority’ report

    D.B.S. Jeyaraj“Nallathor Veenai Seithe –athai Nalankeda Puzhuthiyil Erivathundo?”  (Do we make a good “veena”(musical instrument)and throw it away in the dust to decay?)-Subramaniya BharathiyarThe on going dialogue between Government and Tamil National Alliance delegations has seen agreement on a number of issues although areas of disagreement receive wider publicity in the media. Among points agreed upon […]

  • Tamil party of Sri Lanka criticizes Reconciliation Commission report

     The major Tamil political party of Sri Lanka, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), appointed to probe Sri Lanka’s decades long war, has severely contradicted itself in its report and has a shortcoming as well. TNA parliamentarian and Attorney M.A. Sumanthiran says the party is to give an […]

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