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Indian devolution model cannot be replicated in Sri Lanka – Govt.

Zacki Jabbar
The government said yesterday that it was not prepared to adopt the Indian devolution model in Sri Lanka.  Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwalle,addressing the weekly cabinet press briefing in Colombo,said that ITAK which claims to represent the Tamil people,was trying to create a de-facto state by laying down conditions such as the re-merger of the North and East and land and police powers for the two provinces.

“If we grant their wishes the President and other leaders in the South,would have to obtain permission to visit the North-East” ,he said adding that ITAK was trying to replicate the Indian system in Sri Lanka,which was not acceptable.

Rambukwalle said that India’s Prime Minister and leaders at the Center have to seek approval from the Chief Ministers,before they visit any of the States,which was the height of absurdity.

The ITAK has a huge responsibility in assisting the government to resolve the ethnic issue and should participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee, that has been established for the purpose,he observed.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for ITAK said that a resolution to the ethnic issue had been discussed for decades and all Tamil grievances have already been placed on the table.

“Since the war was over,we have held 14 meetings with the Rajapksa regime”he said while observing that the ball was now in the governments court.



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