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Saturday, July 13, 2024

SLA steps up harassment on University students in Jaffna

Sri Lanka Army deployed hundreds of soldiers around the University of Jaffna Thursday evening harassing the students by checking everyone at the two main entries to the University throughout the evening and night. The latest move comes following the death threats issued to 8 named student activists and three lecturers of the Jaffna University.
The students who were at the office of the Jaffna University Students Union (JUSU) were questioned by the SLA forcing them to leave the site. Checking was carried out at the entry to Balasingham male hostel, situated 300 meters away from the University and the SL military personnel were deployed on all the four sides of the University premises.

The SLA conducted checking at the nearby Parameswara junction, Thirunelveali junction and Kaladdi junction.

In the meantime, an EPDP member, who has been on a collision course with the paramilitary leadership, has been reportedly attacked in Jaffna on Thursday.

The EPDP member, Manuel Mangalanesan, is a member of Jaffna Municipal council, for second term.


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