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Missing activist’s wife lodged complaint at ICRC

Lakna Paranamanna
Wife of missing activist Kugan lodged a complaint at the ICRC today regarding the disappearance of her husband and the other missing activist – Lalith. The complaint was lodged today by Kugan’s wife Muruganandan Janadha under No: LKC 111264. Kugan’s eight year old daughter and missing activist Lalith’s father was also present to lodge the complaint.

Janadha speaking to Ceylon Today outside the ICRC premises upon lodging the complaint said her husband had been arrested by the military on several occasions under suspicion for connections with the LTTE.
“He was initially arrested in 1996 and was released the following year. Once again he was taken into custody in 1998 and was detained for five years,” she said.
Kugan had been working with Lalith on locating his brother who had disappeared six years ago.
It has been 16 days since the disappearance of political activists Lalith Kumar Weeraraju and Kugan Muruganandan in Jaffna. They were last seen travelling in a motorbike no. NP GT 7852 in the Achchuveli area. The motorbike was discovered by the police a few days later near a kovil few kilometers away from Kugan’s house but no information has surfaced concerning any of them. Further investigations are being continued by the Achchuveli police



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