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  • Sri Lanka, a source for sex trafficking – US

    The 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report released by the United States stated that Sri Lanka does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking the country but is making significant efforts to do so.The report said Sri Lanka is primarily a source and to a much lesser extent, a destination […]

  • Murdered Jaffna man was previously abducted Read more >

    Murdered Jaffna man was previously abducted

    28 June 2011The man who was murdered and found hanging from a goalpost at a playground in Valikamam, Jaffna had been, on a previous occasion, abducted, but managed to escape from his kidnappers.Identified as 30-year-old Balachandrean Satkurunadan, the resident of Achchuveli had been born at Mailady.It is believed that he was abducted and murdered, and […]

  • CB releases latest Economic & Social Satistics publication

    28 June 2011 The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has just released its annual publication titled “Economic and Social Statistics of Sri Lanka 2011 – Volume XXXIII”. This publication contains data covering a wide range of economic and social aspects of Sri Lanka.There are around 200 data tables comprising information pertaining to areas of Climate, […]

  • Jaffna returnee found hanged to death

    A 30-year-old male who had recently returned to Jaffna, after staying in south for 2 years, was found beaten and hanged to death Sunday morning at a playground in Achchuveali Thoappu in Valikaamam East, 20 km northeast of Jaffna city. The victim, Balachandran Satkunanathan, had sought refuge in South after he had been harassed by […]

  • SLTB loses 40mn on May Day

    By Yohan Perera  The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) had suffered a loss of Rs 40 million on May Day alone by providing buses to UPFA rally, the JVP charged yesterday.“These buses had been given on hire on a lesser rate than the usual fee of Rs 65 per kilometre. Malpractices such as these had […]

  • War crimes and denial – ‘Dawn’

    by Irfan Husain ONE of the most disturbing TV documentaries I have seen recently was Channel 4’s Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields when it was aired in the UK a fortnight ago. Chronicling the last few days of the murderous civil war against the Tamil Tigers that ended in triumph for government forces two years ago, […]

  • Commonwealth calls for investigation of Sri Lanka war crimes

    The Commonwealth has long supported the peaceful resolution of the civil war in Sri Lanka, and recognises that genuine and sustainable reconciliation must include investigation of alleged war crimes and accountability of those responsible, and the promotion of justice. 26 June 2011, The Commonwealth has called on Sri lanka to conduct “a full, credible, and […]

  • Turbulent times – My Days in Sri Lanka

    A succinct account of how India got caught in a cleft stick during the regime of Lankan President Premadasa who continued to engage in a deadly game of political brinkmanshipBy Lakhan Mehrotra.Reviewed by SJS ChhatwalA former High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka, the author comprehensively deals with the unfortunate discrimination against Tamils in Sri […]

  • No assurance given ( re registration in Jaffna)

    Sunday, 26 June 2011 20:12 The Army Headquarters today said it had not given any assurance to anyone with regard to the registration of Tamils in the North. Issuing a statement with reference to the Daily Mirror June 21 story titled ‘Registration of Tamils in North to be stopped’, in which ‘an assurance’ has been […]

  • Lanka’s war of blame

     But, Rajapaksa can possibly breathe easy. With Jintao and Medvedev ready to bail out Sri Lanka against any resolution in the UN Security Council – and India ready with its silent support in international forum – it’s unlikely that the deaths of the unknown number of persons in the last months of the war will […]

  • A genuine solution for all communities – need of the hour

    The Muslim community today is not represented by any party or group as the Muslim political leadership has virtually collapsed. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, a byproduct of communal politics, came with the slogan of unity. However, almost a quarter century later today the SLMC, divided into numerous splinter groups and absorbed individually and collectively […]

  • Life of North Muslims and their Voting Rights

      16 June 2011  The discrimination faced by the Northern Muslims have become an unending story. The governments’ neglect against minorities in this country is once again rearing its ugly head as Northern Muslims are denied of their voting rights. The LTTE’s oppression against the innocent people was elevated to an entire new level when […]

  • Gas Oil Story: USD 500 Million Purchase Concluded By One Man

    By Faraz Shauketaly In an astonishing revelation, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Industries, Titus Jayawardena, has signed off on an order for the supply of Gas Oil which has a staggering price tag of US$ 500 Million. It could well be the single largest value business transaction ever carried out by a solitary official. The new […]

  • Govt. rejects our right to know

        Long-delayed Freedom of Information Bill defeated in parliament, chink in Rajapaksa regime’s armour exposed     Bill would have strengthened democracy amidst allegations of oppression and human rights violationsBy Sunday Times Political Editor Weeks ago, Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkoddy was in the chair at a party leaders’ meeting that discussed Parliamentary business in the days […]

  • Ekneligoda habeas corpus case on Aug.23 Read more >

    Ekneligoda habeas corpus case on Aug.23

    The habeas corpus application filed by the wife of a Lanka e-news free lancejournalist who went missing since 2010 was fixed for argument for the third timefor August 23. The petitioners Mrs. K.M.S.P. Ekneligoda and her two children cited DIG Nandana Manasinghe of CID, Homagama Police OIC, then IGP Mahinda Balasuriya and the Attorney General […]

  • President insists solution only through PSC

    By Sunday Times Political EditorThe proposed Parliamentary Select Committee would determine whether the 13th Amendment should be part of a settlement for Tamil grievances, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has re-iterated.He told the main opposition United National Party’s co-deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya on Friday that this was the UPFA government’s official position. He said the government wanted […]

  • Sivajilingam, Sri Kantha decide to join TNA, restructure TELO

    Former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians as well as Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) leaders Mr. Sivajilingam and Mr. Sri Kantha have decided to dissolve their newly formed party Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA) and to re-join TELO and TNA, with a view of strengthening TNA and restructuring TELO to meet the demands of the […]


    A documentary collates the horrors from the final war against the LTTEBY SATARUPA BHATTACHARJYA “Are you still afraid to kill a terrorist?” asks a man, most likely a soldier, in Sinhala to the one standing next to him, with his gun pointed at three blindfolded people, their hands bound, naked and kneeling on the ground. […]

  • Politicians’ “fear” of freedom of information

    by Melani Manel PereraAn organisation representing journalists and media hold press conference in which they slam politicians for fearing freedom of information. They note that Sri Lanka is the only nation in South Asia that does not have a law guaranteeing freedom of information.Colombo (AsiaNews) – Sri Lanka needs a bill to protect freedom of […]

  • Work with the ‘other’ International Community: leftist MEP Read more >

    Work with the ‘other’ International Community: leftist MEP

    Paul Murphy “Tamil diaspora activists are very capable and able to put pressure on governments around the world. But, alongside this work, I would really like to encourage the Tamil diaspora to focus on the ‘other’ international community – which isn’t represented by these governments or institutions,” said Socialist Party and United Left Alliance MEP […]

  • SL Army orders against renting halls to TNA, political parties

    Sri Lanka Army occupying Jaffna comes out with intimidating ‘unofficial orders’ to owners of public halls in Jaffna, not to rent halls to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) or to any other political party critical of the Colombo regime to conduct political or public meetings, news sources from Jaffna said. Colombo has decided to completely […]

  • SLMC pushes for tripartite devolution talks with UPFA & TNA

    June 24, 2011/by Shamindra FerdinandoThe SLMC is pushing for immediate expansion of post-war bilateral talks between the SLFP-led government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on devolution of powers.The SLMC says the Muslims should be represented at the talks and the failure on the part of the government to accommodate the party wouldn’t help ongoing […]

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