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Sri Lankan police fails to give information about ‘war missing people’

 Hundreds of people in the northern parts of Sri Lanka who responded to a police announcement about relatives held in detention in the civil war, which ended in May 2009, have said that they have not received any information so far.
Police had assured ten days ago that the concerned people would be given details about their detained relatives, but none except one could actually trace the whereabouts of a detainee, the BBC reports.
Reports suggest that almost all of them are Tamils, living in desperation in the former war zone of Vavuniya because many among them have not received any information about their husbands, sons or daughters, who has been missing for many years.

“My 26-year-old son Pradeep was taken by the Criminal Investigation Department when he went to Colombo to get his passport. That’s all we know,” one of the relatives, said.

There are many who are reportedly searching for the the sole breadwinner in their family, with one of them saying: “There is no one to provide for me. Who will look after me or care if I fall ill?”

Meanwhile, Tamil Affairs Investigation Division (TID) officials in Vavuniya said that they are unable to provide details of the “disappeared”.
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