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Jaffna returnee found hanged to death

A 30-year-old male who had recently returned to Jaffna, after staying in south for 2 years, was found beaten and hanged to death Sunday morning at a playground in Achchuveali Thoappu in Valikaamam East, 20 km northeast of Jaffna city.

The victim, Balachandran Satkunanathan, had sought refuge in South after he had been harassed by the Sri Lanka Army intelligence operatives 2 years ago, residents in the area said.

Recently, he had returned to Achchuveali. The attackers, believed to be from an SLA squad had come in motorbikes Saturday night and have taken him away before hanging him to death at the grounds, the residents further said.

The victim’s motorbike, identity card and bank card were found 100 meters away from the spot where his body was located.

Mr. Balachandran, a native of Mayiliddi in Valikaamam North, had initially displaced to Achchuveali when his village was occupied and declared High Security Zone by the Sri Lanka Army some years ago. J
affna’s unabated killing spree -earlier ‘lamp post’ killings in Jaffna is now replaced by ‘goal post’ killings !

  A youth of Puttur district Jaffna had been murdered after being assaulted . His body was later discovered this morning hanged at a public place.

This body was found hanging from a goal post in a playground of Warawatta School , Puttur , Jaffna. The name of the deceased is 20 year old Balachandran Satgunaraja. Investigations into the murder had revealed that after the victim had been assaulted and murdered , his body had been hanged . However motive of looting or robbery has been ruled out on this murder as his motor bike had been found near the place where his body was hanged.

It is something interesting to note that during the LTTE period , Jaffna was well known for lamp post killings with bodies tied to lamp posts after killing . But now , it is the army that is administering Jaffna. According to our LeN reporters , the residents of the area are questioning with shock as to how these killings are raging and bodies are being exhibited so openly , when there are almost as many soldiers as there are civilians in those areas. This has also triggered widespread unrest and tension among the people of the areas.

Atchuvely police is conducting investigations . So far no suspect had been taken into custody . 


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