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Sumanthiran trashes the budget but decides not to oppose to show goodwill to Ranil Rajapaksa.

On 22nd November TNA spokesperson M.A. Sumanthiran trashed the budget 23 presented  but did not vote against it to show their goodwill to President Ranil Wickremasinghe.

His explanation of not opposing the budget  and  criticism he made of the budget follows:

I wish to clarify what we did at the vote last evening, I did explain right at the end of my speech, nevertheless, time was insufficient so therefore I’d like to say that right through the debate on the 2nd reading, all members of the Tamil National Alliance criticised the budget. Every one of us for various reasons, I don’t need to repeat that.

And ordinarily, we would have had to therefore vote against the budget at the second reading. However, we took a decision not to cast our votes against the budget at the 2nd reading, for one reason and that is because his Excellency the President has on numerous occasions in the last few days, the last 10 days, repeatedly said that he wants to resolve the Tamil National Question. And has invited the Tamil Parties to have discussions with him. We have publicly expressed our scepticism about this invitation, nevertheless when there is a hand that is stretched out from the President himself, we thought we must reciprocate in some way and therefore would not vote against the budget as a signal of our bona fides in this matter.

( From the Speech made in Parliament by Hon. M.A.Sumanthiran M.P. today (23rd November 2022)

Ranil has selected the most corrupt, to appoint to the Constitutional Council.

Thank you Honourable member in the chair today. The Budget presented by the Minister of Finance who also happens to be the President, is ending today – the 2nd reading debate. I have consistently recorded my opposition to Minister of Finance being the President. From 2010 onwards in this house, whenever the President in his capacity as Minister of Finance has presented a budget I have recorded that protest and I wish to record that today as well. When a person who is not a member of this House presents the budget as the Minister of Finance, that seriously curtails this House’ ability to be in total control of public finance as the Constitution stipulates in article 148. This also exposes another thing this time: And that is there’s a 21st amendment to the constitution that, was said to be going back to the 19th amendment, that is doing away with the 20th amendment, and that has been pointed out during that debate. It doesn’t really do that. Under the 19th amendment to the constitution the president could not hold any ministries; not even the ministry of defence.  For the tenure of that president at that time, personal to him, to President Maithripala Sirisena, 3 named ministries were permitted in the transitional provision. Thereafter the president couldn’t hold any ministries. But now the President actually can hold any number of ministries. In fact he can hold all the ministries.

So this is another occasion on which we can expose that lie to the country that some reform was made that executive powers were curtailed through the 21st amendment. No! no such thing was done. Even the one positive thing that is being touted is the re-establishment of the constitutional council.

That also we pointed out, is a political body, is not a 17th amendment constitutional council. More members are from this house which makes it political, and that body starts with the appointment, amongst others, independent commissions. And the last couple of days we found how this supposed independent commission chairmen have behaved, We saw the National Police Commission Chairman going to the VIP launch to receive a person who was chased out of this country, for fraud, for large scale corruption. And who else but the chairman of the National Police Commission is there bowing in two, and welcoming him back.

A few days before that we heard the chairman of the Office of Missing Persons, saying that only a few people went missing and all of them are living abroad. Now that very office was established to investigate missing persons. And the government commissions, there are many, all of those commissions have reported that over 20,000 people have gone missing. That’s a conservative number. And the chairman of the office that is appointed, supposedly an independent office, says nobody has gone missing.

And then the Honourable Minster of Justice explains and says “No he’s wrong, because he hasn’t understood the Government’s priority. The government has prioritised reconciliation measures which must deal with the issue with disappearance also and unfortunately this chairman does not know that.” Now that creates another problem. Why should an independent office chairman know what the government’s priorities are? If he is independent, why should he comply with what the government wants to do today?

The government will not want to do that tomorrow, the government changes its mind, day to day but if this is an independent office, he has been tasked by law to make investigations into this several thousands of disappearances in the country, and this is what he says.

So this 21st amendment was just an eye wash, really did not make anything independent in the country, nor did it strip the President of any executive powers. That said, let me turn to the budget proposals.

I want to concentrate on one matter, and that is with regard to the EPF. EPF is Sri Lanka’s single largest fund, this fund has been dipped into and there are serious allegations of fraud and corruptions in the way investments have been made out of this fund. There have been five forensic audits conducted, but no action has been taken to date. The last annual report of this fund is 2016, forensic audits have revealed massive frauds, into earnings and savings by the working force of this country, and not a muscle has been moved; nothing has been done to date with regard to taking action on this. I am highlighting this because the economic crisis that we are facing in this country is primarily due to corruption; primarily due to corruption. And that is why the IMF in its report have said “there are corruption susceptibilities” and that is one of the challenges for the IMF in implementing their programme in this country. The President or the Finance Minister in his budget speech said that’ll be dealt with; the corruptions, but where? Nothing has been done, the other issue is with regard to the office of the Attorney General, who advises the government, who appears on behalf of the government, who defends the government even when the right to information commission orders the Central Bank to divulge certain information the central bank appeals, and the Attorney General appears. Now these are pubic funds, these are monies of people of this country.

There is absolutely no transparency; evidently large scale corruption and fraud and all that is covered up by the government, by the Central Bank , by the EPF and by the Attorney General gives absolute sanction to cover it up. Now with that background, how do we get out this economic crisis? The government pays lip service, but every action of the Government demonstrates the opposite, earlier this morning the Hon. Anura Kumara Dissanayake cited the case of a Minster who asked an Ambassador for a bribe, that was reported, he was suspended form the cabinet, and he got a committee of his choice appointed which exonerated him. And he is back in the cabinet, now to add insult to injury that very minister has been appointed as the President’s nominee on the constitutional council, constitutional council which is supposed to appoint independent commissions – handpicked , handpicked because there is no one who is up to that mark, in the cabinet.

Now who has the brass to go and ask an Ambassador for a bribe? I suppose the other ministers are a little less corrupt. So you have to pick the most corrupt, to appoint to the Constitutional Council. You have a convicted extortionist as a Chief Government whip. A convicted extortionist; so how do we then tell either the IMF or anyone else that we are dealing with corruption? The Government has really no intention of doing any of that sorts, the President has no intention. Because these are President’s appointments, so you say one thing but you do just the opposite. There is a book written by V.P.Vittachi – a small blue colour book, I have read some time ago on President Jayawardene’s conduct – its called “Sri Lanka – What went wrong?” And Mr. Vittachi coins a word and calls it “Plonking”. He says President Jayawardene will say “I am turning right” this is the right way to go – I am turning right, and he will turn left. All the he will insist, while travelling “no ,no I am travelling right” that is plonking. Now the incumbent President learnt his political lessons from President Jayawardene. And one wonders whether that is what he is now practising, saying “we are dealing with corruption” but doing the very opposite to what will eradicate corruption. The Tamil National Alliance’s Parliamentary group met today, and we took certain decisions with regard to this budget. We have highlighted various shortcomings, matters that are contrary to the wellbeing of this country, Particularly the high percentage of allocation to the defence sector. The country’s economy is contracting. Various fundamental service sectors are contracting, are reducing. Whilst in the last two years the allocation for the defence sector has been increased by 12 %. Now this is not salaries and recurrent expenditure that is necessary. You must only visit one of the Camps to see the high life that go on there. To test it out I went with the President and had lunch at the Vavuniya Air Force camp. The lunch is of a standard that is higher than what you can get in a seven star hotel. Nothing has come down. No one wants to touch that. The ceramic wear, the food, everything. Nobody wants to touch that. You tell the country 70 % of our people have dropped one meal. 50,000 children are in danger of Malnutrition. Government may deny it. But those are the real facts, and you want to keep the Military happy. You don’t want to upset them. So that you can suppress descent, so you can suppress people who protest that they don’t have food to eat. Now all of this is there and at a time like this one would have expected a programme through this budget to lift this country out of the economic crisis and it is not there, so we are opposed to this budget.

(Speech made in Parliament by Hon. M.A. Sumanthiran M.P. on 22nd November 2022)


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