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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Up- country Peoles’ Front opposes amending 13A

The Upcountry People’s Front (UPF) is opposed to any moves by the government to dilute or amend the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, its Leader V.S. Radhakrishnan said.
He said, with these amendments, the minorities would lose whatever limited powers they would have in the Provincial Councils, under the present Constitution. He also said his Party has sent a letter to the President regarding these matters.

He also said the chances of the members of the minority parties getting into Parliament were remote and that it was through the Provincial Councils that they were able to serve their constituents. Radhakrishnan added the mainstream subjects such as education, health and infrastructure facilities were developed in the peripheries only through the Provincial Councils and that amendments to the 13th Amendment would also aggravate political complications as well
By Lakshmi Jayakody



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