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Two Journalists complain to the police

Two journalists, Ananda Fernando and C.S. Kodikara, have lodged a complaint with the Kilinochchi police raising concerns over their safety. The two journalists, Ananda Fernando, is the Kilinochchi reporter of Hiru TV and CS Kodikara is a Kilinochchi reporter attached to Swarnawahini.

A statement released by the two journalists said they had sought accommodation at a room of a house along Jayanthi Nagar in Kilinochchi to cover the Northern provincial Council elections and had subsequently returned to Colombo on 22nd September.

However they had later been informed by the house owner that a group of unidentified men had visited the house after the two journalists left, looking for them.

The owner of the house, a lady, had prevented the attempt to break through the locked gates saying that she would call the police and complain. The gang had then responded saying she must bring out the journalists inside her house. The gang however left when she had attempted to contact an army camp close by. The following day, an unidentified gang in three motor cycles had been seen loitering in the neighborhood.

On being told what had taken place, the two journalists lodged complaints (CIB iii – 82/23) & (CIB iii 82/24) at the Kilinochchi Police. (Colombo Gazette)


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