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The HRCSL issues recommended guidelines to the state and law enforcement officials on dealing with civilian protests

Image: ‘All personnel are required to be in uniform. Their badges, nameplates, and other
personal and agency identifiers should always be clearly visible on the outside of
each officer’s helmet or uniform.’ says guide lines.

HRCSL in issuing the ‘Recommended Guidelines to the State and Law Enforcement Officials on Dealing with Civilian Protests’ says that they have been compiled, under section 10(d) of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act, No.21 of 1996.

Safeguarding the right to peaceful protest enshrined in Article 14(1)(a) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, subject to the exceptions contained therein, is paramount to the Commission as well as to me personally. I believe it is crucial to bolster democracy in Sri Lanka, which will fortify the protection of human rights, as there is no doubt that democracy and human rights are intrinsically linked.

The Commission has been vigilantly monitoring the civilian protests in Sri Lanka, particularly those in 2022. In this regard, the Commission has heard complaints by protesters and conducted inquiries into the human rights violations which have occurred at protests. In addition to providing legal redress in these situations, the Commission resolved to take proactive measures to safeguard the right to peaceful protests and prevent the violation of fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution at protests in the future. To that end, I take pride in recommends the ‘Recommended Guidelines to the State and Law Enforcement Officials on Dealing with Civilian Protests’ which the HRCSL urges law enforcement officials to adhere to and offers its’ They are based on national law and Sri Lanka’s international human rights obligations, which the State is responsible for giving effect to.

Moreover, I firmly believe that implementing the recommended guidelines will achieve the above objectives to the fullest, together with the application and enforcement of existing law.

(From the Message of the Chairperson pf the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka)

Read the Guidelines as a PDF:Recommended-Guidelines-to-the-State-and-Law-Enforcement-Officials-on-Dealing-with-Civilian-Protests-by-HRCSL_English



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