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Stop aid to Sri Lanka, says D. Raja

 CPI secretary and Rajya Sabha member D. Raja has asked the Central government to stop financial aid to Sri Lanka and demand inquiry in International Court of Justice against the atrocities committed on Sri Lankan Tamils by that government.

Addressing a meeting here on Friday as part of a nationwide campaign by CPI to express solidarity with Sri Lankan Tamils, Mr. Raja said both Indian and Sri Lankan governments were responsible for the situation. The role of India came into picture because it provided financial and military support.
Mr. Raja also said Sri Lanka denied permission to domestic and international media to visit the scenes of offence.

CPI deputy general secretary S. Sudhakar Reddy said the Sri Lankan Tamils initially waged peaceful struggles demanding rights on a par with Sinhalese and elimination of prejudice against their language. The struggles took violent shape under the leadership of LTTE when they did not yield results. CPI State secretary K. Narayana delivered his entire speech in Tamil, highlighting that the party was the only one to go in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.
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