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Colombo targeting Tamil civil service is more than revenge

Orders have been issued by Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa and by his sibling Basil Rajapaksa to colonial governor Maj. Gen. Chandrasri for immediate and full-swing replacement of Tamil civil service in the north.
The act may superficially look as a revenge for the defeat in the civic elections, but it is actually aimed to make any political solution that will be ‘accounted’ to the outside world completely meaningless to Eezham Tamils, and is a part of a long-contemplated agenda of structural genocide, political observers said.

Meanwhile, knowing what is happening and what will happen in demography, political representation, civil administration, militarisation and in all other respects, why should the TNA commit to seek solutions under a ‘united Sri Lanka’ just because the powers that abetted the genocide want it, ask non TNA Tamil nationalists.

Despite the presence of a gang of SL ministers, Tamil civil servants in the north didn’t cooperate with Rajapaksa in getting him victory in the civic elections is what is now said in the south.

Why should Rajapaksa regime accuse them when Tamils have not voted for Rajapaksa, the civil servants ask.

Targeted Tamil civil servants in the north are either going to be removed or transferred, news sources in the north said.

Currently 60 per cent of the civil servants in the north are retired and re-nominated Tamil officers, between 60 and 65 year-old. They have been now ordered to go home before 15 August.

Provincial Director of Education, Mr. S. Vikneswaran has been ordered over the phone to go on compulsory leave.

Many more Tamil officials are expected to get transfer orders soon. Those Tamil officials currently in Jaffna will be transferred to unimportant positions

The vacant posts are going to be filled by Sinhala trainee civil servants currently in Jaffna. 140 of them were sent Jaffna last month.

The Health Department in the north is going to be the first to get completely Sinhalicized, news sources further said.

Decisions have been taken to fill all vacant posts by Sinhala civil servants. Recently in a meeting held in the provincial secretariat in Jaffna, a former JVP parliamentarian publicly stated that Colombo has plans to Sinhalicise civil service in the north by those who are currently under ’training’ in Jaffna.

As Tamils have not been recruited to SL civil service for the past several years, occupying Sri Lanka will have excuses.

Sinhalicisation of civil service is considered by Colombo as a prerequisite to go ahead with Sinhala colonisation of the north to attract Sinhalese to colonise the north and to provide services to them.

During the civic elections, visiting Rajapaksa in a meeting at Koappaay, asked the Sinhala civil servants under ‘training’ in Jaffna to support the government in the elections. After this, the TNA protested to the inclusion of the trainees in any key election work. They were later deployed only in presiding over counting.

Meanwhile, SL minister Rishad Bathiudeen is impressing upon Colombo to bring in Muslim civil servants to the north. Already a Muslim civil servant has been sent to look after the interests of 40 Muslim schools in the north.

Divisional Secretary of Jaffna Division, Mrs Theyvendrum is under continued intimidation by Rishad Bathiudeen, who accuses her of not doing enough to the resettled Muslims.

The Tamil civil service community in the country of Eezham Tamils, which has already dwindled in number, is currently under serious intimidation and uncertainty over its future, while Colombo is allowed to proceed in its genocidal ways.

In fact, there is nothing much wrong with Colombo. The State in Sri Lanka has given enough forewarning and is giving enough forewarning of what it intends to do in a ‘united Sri Lanka.’

Colombo makes it very clear that any political solution it will be cooking within a ‘united Sri Lanka’ to show to the outside world would be a day-to-day torture to Eezham Tamils living with a paranoid state.

There won’t be any security service of civil service to listen to the political representation elected by Eezham Tamils. For every small thing Eezham Tamils have to spent their energy in fighting.

In collaboration with ‘State’ in Sri Lanka, New Delhi, Washington and some international crisis managers may fail to see the point or pretend not seeing the point. But isn’t it an irony for the TNA wailing over to the diaspora about what Colombo is doing in the island to still seek suicidal political solution within a ‘united Sri Lanka’ and discourage the free diaspora and people in Tamil Nadu righteously demanding independence for Eezham Tamils, ask Tamil activists inside and outside of the TNA in the island, who care for self-respect of human life.


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