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Sri Lanka Ranks 88th in Social Progress Index, Needs to Improve in Personal Rights

Although Sri Lanka has best nutrition, basic medical care and access to basic knowledge, the country needs to improve on personal rights and tolerance, according to the Social Progress Index released Wednesday.

Sri Lanka with a total score of 60.10 out of 100 ranked 88 in the Social Progress Index, which evaluates 133 countries on 52 indicators that measure Basic Human Needs, Opportunity and Foundation of Well-being.

In the Basic Human Needs Dimension, Sri Lanka ranked 75th performing best on Nutrition and Basic Medical Care and has most opportunity to improve on the Personal Safety component.

In the Foundations of Wellbeing Dimension, Sri Lanka ranking 81st scores highest on Access to Basic Knowledge but lags on the Ecosystem Sustainability component. High suicide rate was another factor for the relative weakness of the category when compared to countries with similar GDP as Sri Lanka.

In the Opportunity dimension, Sri Lanka ranked 95th with a score of 42.14. Although strongest on Personal Freedom and Choice the country has the most room to improve on Personal Rights. Political Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Movement needed the most improvement.

In South Asian region Nepal ranked 98th, India 101st, Pakistan 122nd and Bangladesh 100th. In performance Sri Lanka and Nepal were in Medium Low category while India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were in Low category.

Norway topped the index as the world’s most socially advanced nation. Rounding out the top five are Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand.

The United States, the world’s biggest economy is at a distant 16th place failing in all health and wellness indicators.

Central African Republic ranked the lowest among the 133 countries indexed.

According to the authors of the index, a country’s overall economic wealth measured by the GDP or income is not crucial for the social progress.

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