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Sri Lanka: Police raids DIFSO Kilinochchi office while staff getting ready for a protest

“We will respect human rights in the country. Media freedom has been established.”
President Gotabaya Rajapakse on his Independence Day speech.

However, Police officers raided our Difso Kilinochchi office while our team getting ready for the protest against the killing of two fishermen in Vadamarachchi, Jaffna in the Northern Province. Who gave orders to do this raid? Bravo DIFSO- Kilinochchi team for your determination to engage in the protest in solidarity with Fishers in continuous Sathyagraha at Supra Madam, Jaffna Dycc.

However, in a press conference fisheries minister Dougles Devananda accused political parties as provoking the fishers and the fishers have decided to give up the continuous campaign trusting him and his words.

However, once NAFSO approached one fisher leader he said, “We have been trusting these broken promises years. Even January last year (2021) when Mullai fishers protested against the same issue, Minister Devananda told us the same. But nothing happen. We feel the Minister and GOSL want to create conflict in the sea between Tamil Nadu fishers and Us, Sri Lankan’s. How do we trust them? We are the losers in every aspects.”
So, we condemn these type of actions of Police which violate People’s Right to Organize and Right to Freedom of expression.

(NAFSO FB/05.02.22)


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