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Sri Lanka: Medical Professionals for System Change oppose colossal waste of funds for extravagant 4th Feb celebration.

Image: Military rehashing for so-called Independence Day parade.

Gaining independence from foreign domination is truly a landmark event in the history of a nation. In an increasingly globalized world no country can be truly independent in all aspects of life. Especially smaller less developed nations like Sri Lanka are subjected to various pressures in its economic, political and social spheres. Managing such pressures for the benefit of the citizens is the sole responsibility of our own leaders.

However, such continued dependence on outside forces does not devalue the significance of what we achieved 75 years ago. Thus we have been marking the day with celebrations of varying scale over the years. It is a renewed commitment to work towards a better tomorrow for all citizens.

However, we as a nation are going through much suffering at present which is even worse than the limited freedom we enjoyed under the colonial powers. We are in an abyss economically, socially and politically. The country hailed as a promised land with a bright future at the time of gaining independence has been brought down to a hopeless state of bankruptcy.

The outside world is at a loss to understand how such a resourceful country endowed with all positive attributes of nature and a literate population could come down to the present dismal state.

It is debt ridden and is on a day to day existence on handouts from other external sources. At the same time the elite, with the blessings of the political mafia, is enjoying all comforts.

There is no doubt the corrupt political leadership ever since independence is totally responsible for this miserable situation. Poor planning, political agendas exploiting race, religion and all other conceivable differences by the leadership has been the bane of the nation. There has been daylight robbery of the nation’s coffers specially in the past two decades.

it is beyond the wildest imagination how hundreds of millions of rupees are going to be spent for independence day celebrations this year. It is even more tragic that the celebrations are being organized by the representatives of the same corrupt political establishment who are totally responsible for our sorry plight.

Sri Lanka is now a nation that cannot guarantee three proper meals, basic necessities of life, medication for an illness or facilities for a decent education to a significant proportion of its population. It is debt ridden and is on a day to day existence on handouts from other external sources. At the same time the elite, with the blessings of the political mafia, is enjoying all comforts.

Under the circumstances, it is beyond the wildest imagination how hundreds of millions of rupees are going to be spent for independence day celebrations this year. It is even more tragic that the celebrations are being organized by the representatives of the same corrupt political establishment who are totally responsible for our sorry plight. Those who will be standing on the dais or watching the celebrations in comfortable enclosures do not deserve the guard of honour of the armed forces or the salute of the nation. There appears to be a total lack of sensitivity to the suffering the people are undergoing. The President’s recent statement that the whole world will laugh at us if we cannot even hold independence day celebrations is an insult to the intelligence of the people.

As we see the misery of the people first hand on a daily basis during our work, the Medical Professionals for System Change are totally against this colossal waste of funds for extravagant celebrations. We earnestly call upon the leaders to cancel this planned tamasha even at this late

Otherwise this irresponsible act could be a further catalyst for the disgruntled people to intensify their protests already gathering momentum causing much social instability. Funds thus saved should be used to relieve, at least to some extent, the unbearable suffering of the people.

We, the undersigned,

Dr. Nilmini Abeygynawardhana, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Prof. Anuradhani Kasturirathna, Professor in Community Medicine
Dr. Iyanthi Abeyewickreme, Consultant Venereologist
Prof. Indira Kitulwatte, Professor in Forensic Medicine
Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare, Emeritus Professor of Surgery
Dr. Wasantha Kodikara Arachchi, Consultant Physician
Dr. Deshan Adhihetty, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
Dr. Suresh Kottegoda, Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Dr. Naomali Amarasena, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Bimal Kudavidanage, Consultant Neuro Anaesthetist
Dr. Ajith Amarasinghe – Consultant Paediatrician
Prof. Sanath P Lamabathusooriya, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics
Dr. Navoda Atapattu, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist
Dr. Dilusha Lamabadusuriya, Consultant Physician
Prof. Piyusha Atapattu, Professor in physiology
Dr. Ananda Lamahewage, Consultant Peadiatric Surgeon
Dr. Prashantha Attapattu, Consultant OMF Surgeon
Dr. Roshan Liyanage, Consultant Physician
Dr. Chandana Atapattu, Visiting Lecturer
Dr. Prasanna N. Liyanage, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Chathurini Ariyarathna. Consultant Neonatologist
Prof. Ajith Malalasekera, Professor in Urology
Dr. Deleepa Banagala, Consultant Surgeon
Dr. Iresha Mampitiya, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Dr. B Balagobi, Consultant Urological Surgeon
Dr. M.K.L.Manjula, Consultant Histopathologist
Prof Shyama Banneheka, Professor in Anatomy
Dr. Upali Marasinghe, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr. Harshini Bentharawithana, Consultant Physician
Dr. Upul Charminda Bandara Madahapola, Consultant Sports and Exercise Physician
Dr. Eranda Cabral, Medical Officer
Dr. Nayani Madarasinghe, Consultant Dermatologist
Dr. Miyuru Chandradasa, Consultant Child and Adolescent
Psychiatrist Dr. Buddhi Mohotti, Consultant Physician
Dr. Damitha Chandradasa Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Indika Mudalige, Consultant Psychiatrist /Senior Lecturer
Dr. Amila Chandrasiri, Consultant Community Physician
Prof. K Muhunthan, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Prof. Madava Chandrathilaka, Professor in Medical Education
Prof. Lalitha Mendis, Emeritus Professor of Microbiology
Prof. Enoka Corea, Chair Professor of Microbiology
Dr. Ruwan Nanayakkara, Consultant JMO
Prof. Lanka Dassanayake, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Priyanthi Palihakkara, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Savithri Dias, Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Manjula Peiris, Consultant Surgeon
Dr Jagath Dandeniya, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Dr. Hemali Peiris, Medical Officer
Dr. Sarath Gamini De Silva, Consultant Physician
Dr. B J C Perera Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Aruna De Silva, Consultant Paediatrician
Prof. Jean Perera, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Prof. Harendra De Silva, Emeritus Professor of Peadiatrics
Dr. Nilupul Perera, Consultant Neurologist
Dr. Darshani De Silva, Consultant Anesthetist
Dr. Ruwanthi Perera, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Gihan Indika De Silva, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Channa Perera Consultant JMO
Dr. Rajitha Y De Silva, Cardiac surgeon
Dr. Gihan Piyasiri, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Sarath De Silva, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Bhagya Piyasiri, Consultant Microbiologist
Prof. Piyanjali De Zoysa, Professor in clinical psychology
Dr. Desa Priyadeva, Medical Officer
Dr. Neelika Dissanayake, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. S.H. Piyasumana, MOH, Wellawaya
Dr. Varuna Dissanayake, Medical Officer
Dr. Risintha Premaratna, Consultant Community Physician
Dr. Asunga Dunuwille, Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Dr. Chandrika Ponnamperuma, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Ramya Ediriweera, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Gayani Punchihewa, Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Amitha Fernando – Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr. MK Ragunathan, Consultant Physician
Prof. Dinithi Fernando, Professor in Physiology
Dr. MBF Rahuman, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Lakkumar Fernando, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Mangala Rajamanthri, Consultant Physician
Dr. Nimali Fernando, Consultant Cardiologist
Prof. Senaka Rajapakse, Chair Professor of Medicine
Dr. Jerard Fernando, Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Anoja Rajapakse, Consultant Physician
Dr. Roshan Fernando, Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Sanjeewa Rajapakshe, Consultant Cardiolgist
Dr. Colton Fernando, Medical Officer
Prof. Sharman Rajindrajith, Professor of Peadiatrics
Dr. Shivantha Fernandopulle, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Prof. Ajith Rathnaweera, Professor in Forensic Medicine
Dr. Sanjeewa Garusinghe, Consultant Neuro surgeon
Dr. Pyara Ratnayaka, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Kishara Gunarathne, Consultant Neurologist
Dr. R. Ragunathan, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Indrani Godakanda, Consultant Community Physician
Dr. Duminda Samarasinghe, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Pavithra Godamunne, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Dr. Krishan Silva, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr. Deepa Gunasekara, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr. Shehan Silva, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine
Dr. Dammika Gunawardena, Consultant Haematologist
Dr. Upul Silva, Consultant Physician
Dr. Rohan Gunawardena, Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Dr. Lahiru Senanayake, Medical Officer
Prof. N. K. Gunwardena, Senior Professor Medical Parasitology
Dr. Ganaka Senaratne, Consultant Physician
Dr. Vindya Gunasekara, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist
Dr. Nipunika Senadhera, Consultant Haematologist
Dr. Nishantha Gunasekera, Consultant Neurosurgeon
Dr. Dammika Senavirathna, Consultant Transfusion Physician
Dr. Kalyani Guruge, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Sisira Seneviratne, Consultant JMO
Dr. Rasika Gunapala, Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Kamal Seneviratne, Medical Officer
Dr. Mahanama Gunasekara, Consultant Surgeon
Dr. Sriyani Samaraweera, Consultant Dermatologist
Dr. Ianthi Gunasekara, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine
Dr. Buddhika Somawardana, Consultant Heamato-Oncologist
Dr Hemantha Gunathilaka, Associate Specialist in Neurosurgery
Dr. Chandani Sooriyaarachchi, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Zacky Haniffa, Consultant Cardiologist
Prof. Samanmali Sumanasena, Professor in Peadiatric Disabilities
Dr. Wathsala Hathagoda, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Nayana Samarasinghe, Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Kamal Hathlahawatta, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Jayajeewa Sugathapala, Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Upul Hapuarachchi, Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesiology
Dr. K T Sundaresan, Senior Lecturer / Consultant Physician
Dr. Ganga Hapuarachchi, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Samadara Sripali, Consultant Oncologist
Dr. BV Hasheni, Consultant Physician
Dr. Chaturi Suraweera, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
Dr. A H A Hazari, Family Physician
Dr. Dimuthu Thennakoon, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Prof. Rasika Herath, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Wimalasiri Uluwattage, Consultant Physician
Prof. Manjula Hettiarachchi, Professor in Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Shanika Vitharana, Consultant Haematologist
Dr. Anura Hewageegana, Consultant Nephrologist
Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama, Consultant Microbiologist
Dr. Manjula Hewageeganage, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
Dr Buddhika Vidanagama, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Bimba Hewawitharana, Consultant Paediatrician
Prof. Jithangi Wanigasinghe, Professor in Peadiatric Neurology
Dr. J.S. Ishie, MO Diabetic Clinic
Dr. Gayani Walpola, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr. Varuna Gunathilake, Consultant Physician
Prof. Sudharshani Wasalathanthri, Chair Professor of Physiology
Dr. Amila Isuru, Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Loretta Warnakulasuriya, Medical Officer
Dr. Jayathri Jagoda, Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr. Indumini Waththegama, Assistant Medical Officer of Health
Dr. Lalantha Jansz, Medical officer
Dr. Sunil Wathudura, Consultant Physician
Dr. Z. Jamaldeen, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Kumudu Weerasekera, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr . L. Jayamanne, Medical officer
Prof. Krisantha Weerasuriya, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Ajith Jayasekara, Consultant Psychiatrist
Prof. Tilak Weeraratne, Senior Professor of Medicine
Dr. Krishantha Jayasekara, Consultants Physician
Dr. Chamin Weerasekera, Consultant Intensivist and Senior lecturer
Dr. Semaka Jayasekara, , Consultant Surgeon
Dr. Sunil Wijesinghe, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. A. D. M. Jayasekara, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Namal Wijesinghe, Medical Officer- Anestheisa
Dr. P.L.S. Jayawardena – Consultant Clinical & Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Dilshan Wijesinghe, Pre-intern
Prof. Ranil Jayawardana, Professor in Nutrition
Dr. Swarna Wijethunga, Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Anura Jayawardana, Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Maheshaka Wijayawardena, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. B.A.D. Jayawardana, Consultant Peadiatric Surgeon
Dr. Athula Wijesundera, Medical Officer, Health Education
Dr. Ranil Jayasena, Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama, Consultant Physician
Dr. Ashoka Jayasena, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Dr. Lakmini Wijesooriya, Consultant Microbiologist
Dr. Nirukshan Jayaweera, Consultant Neurosurgeon
Prof. Senani Williams, Professor in Haematology
Dr. Eresha Jasinge, Chemical Pathologist
Dr. Kapilani Withanaarachchi, Consultant Peadiatrician
Dr. Viraj Jayasinghe, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Upul Wickramarachchi, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr. Indira Kahavita, Consultant Dermatologist
Dr. Sujeewa Wickramarachchi, Consultant JMO
Dr. Apeksha Kariyawasam, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Chandana Wikramarathna, Senior Lecturer in Pathology
Dr. Eranda Karunadasa, Consultant Surgeon
Dr. Darshana Wickramasingha, Consultant Microbiologist
Dr. Ajith Karunaratne, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr. Sampath Withanawasam, Consultant Cardiologist
Prof. Indika Karunathilake, Professor in Medical Education
Dr. Saman Yasawardena, Consultant ENT surgeon
Dr. Tanya Karunathilaka, Senior House Officer, Gynaecology and Obstetric


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