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Sarath Fonseka and Arjna Ranathunga on corruption in Sri Lanka

(LeN)Two opposition party leaders made two announcements. These announcements were made by two of the greatest Heroes which this country has ever produced and of whom the country is proud of.
One was by no less a person than the all time war Hero , former Army commander who won the war for the country and the other was by none other than the all time Sri Lanka ‘s cricketing greatest hero who won the cricket world cup when he was the Sri Lanka cricket captain.

“I was put in jail merely and simply because I was in the tender Board of the Army. The Govt. suffered no loss , there had been no corrupt deals and there had been no untoward transactions, they had admitted. Then , it is for the people to decide what punishment should be meted out to the person who signed the Rs. 50,000 million illegal hedging soodhuwa.”

Gen . Fonseka made these incisive comments when he arrived at the Colombo Nawaloka Hospital to take medical treatment to his forehead from a general physician.

Meanwhile Arjuna Ranatunge who attended a ceremony at the Ganethuduwa Viharaya said, “ Ven. Nayake
Thero, it is most disgusting to witness robbery raging everywhere and endlessly increasing. It has reached such alarming proportions that, may be sometimes , it might become necessary to expunge the references against robbery made by the five precepts in Buddhist scriptures (pansil Padha). It has become so ordinary and exalted that it might even be made the law. This is because beginning with those in Parliament this deadly contagion has spread to all. It is in such an era we are living ” , Arjuna lamented



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