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Resolution of the national question achievable only on the basis of the acceptance of democracy, fundamental human rights, inclusiveness, equality and justice: R. Sampanthan

Statement issued by Mr. R. Sampanthan, leader of Tamil National Alliance /Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi on elections scheduled to be held on 8th October 2011 to the Municipal Council, Kalmunai
The Tamil National Alliance-Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi is contesting the elections being held to the Kalmunai Municipal council. Even though our strength within the Area may not enable us to capture power we have the capacity to perform well and make a useful contribution to the well being of all people in the said area. Moreover it is absolutely essential that the Tamil Voters remain united and clearly demonstrate their unequivocal support for the policies of the Tamil National Alliance/Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi.

After the conclusion of the war and the devastating consequences thereof, the need for an acceptable negotiated political solution to the National Question has assumed an unprecedented importance in all relevant places. Other issues vital to the country’s future well-being are linked to an acceptable resolution of the National Question.

This is achievable only on the basis of the acceptance of Democracy, Fundamental Human Rights, Inclusiveness, Equality and Justice. When the Tamil people exercise their franchise they must vote strongly in support of the above tenets as being the basis upon which there can be an acceptable resolution of the National Question, and confer on them the status of equal citizens.

The Government is engaged in talks with the Tamil National Alliance, to evolve an acceptable solution to the National Question. The Tamil people at all recent elections both to Parliament and Local Authorities in the North and East have strongly supported the policies of the Tamil National Alliance and given the Tamil National Alliance, a clear democratic mandate to negotiate an acceptable solution on their behalf. The Tamil National Alliance is unreservedly committed to this task. It is absolutely fundamental that the Tamil Voter should demonstrate his renewed commitment to this position, and thus strengthen the Tamil National Alliance in the fulfillment of this task.

We are committed to evolving an acceptable solution that will be just and equitable to all the peoples who live in the North and East. We are particularly conscious of the concerns of our Muslim brethren. It would be our Endeavour to ensure that any solution would also be as acceptable to our Muslim brethren as it would be to the Tamil people.

We reiterate without prejudice to the legitimate rights of our Sinhalese brethren that as Tamil speaking people who have historically inhabited the North and East, we have common concerns in regard to our identity, our Security, resources in these areas, and our economic, social and cultural well- being. Our non violent struggle to achieve the above rights has been for the well-being of all our people. We need to work together to achieve the above goals. There must come a day ere long when this truth must and will be recognized.

We appeal to the People to extend to the Tamil National Alliance, the strongest support in the forthcoming Kalmunai Municipality elections.

Leader of Tamil National Alliance /Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi


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