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President criticised on Facebook; Inquiry launched against two Govt. officers

The National Transport Medical Institute (NTMC) has launched an investigation into the alleged conduct of two female officers stationed at the Gampaha and Ratnapura district offices.

The investigation has been initiated on grounds of having allegedly criticized President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Facebook.

Accordingly, the officer who worked at the Gampaha District Office has been temporarily transferred to the Head Office of the Nugegoda National Transport Medical Institute until the relevant investigation is over.

A letter signed by the Additional Secretary to the State Ministry of Vehicle Regulation, Bus Transport Services, Railways and Automotive Industries has informed the Chairman of the NTMC. That the two officers had criticized the President on Facebook on 29 March.

The letter notes that owing to their conduct an investigation has been launched.

However, a spokesman for the National Transport Medical Institute during an inquiry made by the Sinhala daily, ‘Ada’ said that the relevant Facebook posts made by the two female officers did not breach their code of conduct, nor amount to criticism.

The spokesman further said that the National Transport Medical Institute is up to its nose in administrative & regulatory undertakings and has no time to criticize the government or the country’s rulers.



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