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G.L says no protests

28 April 2011

The Government’s has no intention to create any “mass protests” and agitation relating to the Darusman Report, Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris told the diplomatic community in Colombo today.

“ We are not instigating hysteria nor violence or embarrassment to the UN community and to foreign Missions.  Such allegations have been levelled by those with political agendas to blacken the image of the country at this sensitive moment,” the External Affairs Ministry quoted the Minister as telling diplomats today.

Minister Peiris addressed the Colombo-based diplomatic corps at the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo today to convey the response of the Government of Sri Lanka on the substantive aspects of the Darusman Report.

The Minister stated that the Government of Sri Lanka was no longer constrained to comment substantively as the Report is now in the public domain.

The Minister went on to highlight some of the fundamental deficiencies, inherent prejudices and malicious intentions that characterize the Darusman Report.  These flaws pertain not only to the contents of the Report, but also to the methodology followed in arriving at its conclusions.  The Minister stated categorically that the Report is legally, morally and substantively flawed.

Minister Peiris requested Sri Lanka’s friends in the international community to assess these facts fairly and in a balanced manner and to give the people of Sri Lanka the opportunity to reach their full potential in a peaceful, stable, prosperous and united country.  Based on the mandate of the people at local, provincial, national and Presidential levels, the Government is working confidently towards achieving these objectives, he said.
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