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Friday, July 12, 2024

BBS leader Gnanassara gets automatic pistol from police field HQ

The SL criminal defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse had 21st Monday issued an automatic firearm and matching bullets in compliance with the request made in writing by Bebedhu Galagoda Aththe Gnanassara Thero, the leader of the Bodhu Bala sena (BBS) which has by now been condemned and classified as a terrorist organization internationally.
The firearm identified as Brownig 9 m,.m. automatic pistol of Czechoslavakia , as well as 50 matching bullets have been issued.

Usually , firearms issued by the defense Ministry are from the armory of the army, but the firearm issued to Gnanassara Thero is from the stores of the Police field force headquarters . The weapon and bullets have been issued out of those allotted to the VIPs. Gnanassara collected them after signing , but the issue of the weapon and bullets, and receipt of them had neither been recorded in the registers nor signatures taken of the recipient .

The issue of arms and bullets just by taking signatures on a temporary letter, without records being made in the official registers, to the BBS which is operating as a paramilitary group of the lawless Rajapakse regime is fraught with grave danger and holds out most ominous portents to the peace loving and law abiding citizens of the country , sources say.

 It is the consensus that BBS is arming itself with weapons supplied by the government but falsely declaring to the media that they are subjected to threats by the government . It is also issuing bogus media communiqués to that effect making loud announcements about the letters sent to the President , in order to lead the gullible people down the garden path.


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