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BBS is Trying to Whip up Anti-Muslim Sentiments in the wake of Paris Attacks

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera is trying to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments in the country, predicting that Sri Lanka will face ISIS violence within a year. hi was speaking at a press conference on 17th November.

According to Daily Mirror  he has said that “Several bomb blasts will rock Sri Lanka within a year. We make this prediction with responsibility. As predicted by us earlier, a Sri Lankan Muslim from Galewela was killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria recently. Every prediction we have made have become reality.”

Political observers say that non of the warnings made by BBS has become a reality.

BBS has accused the government of  destabilizing  the local intelligence service there by paving  the way for international terrorist organizations such as ISIS can easily engage in carrying out their hidden agenda inside the country.

BBS  has further accused the government for arresting military officers for abducting and killing journalist Prageethe Eknaligoda. he has said that   “three State Intelligence Service officers were detained under a detention order and they were imprisoned for three months without any bail conditions being set. No one is bothered about their release. If the Yahapalana government and the NGO’s are contemplating the release of ex-LTTE cadres – who had been remanded for serious war crimes – why can’t the government take some initiative to release these intelligence officers?” .




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