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Baratha murder investigation sans a shade of transparency – Family members

Int’l campaign to seek justice for Bharatha
An international campaign will be launched to expose and punish the killers of presidential advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, says his sister.  Speaking to the media at Hotel Nippon in Colombo today (Oct. 18), Swarna Gunaratne said the conspiracy to murder her brother had been planned since a long time ago.
 She alleged SLFP leaders have now forgotten that Bharatha had been murdered, and that certain government officials were defending and whitewashing the killers through their statements.

Bharatha had represented progressive ideals in the SLFP, and he had lost his life as his outspokenness against social ills had become a headache for some.

 Also speaking at the media briefing, the slain politician’s brother Asela Premachandra said the murder investigation was without a shade of transparency.

 The government is making contradictory statements, with Lakshman Hulugalle saying MP Duminda Silva is not a suspect, but police have told the bereaving family that such a remark cannot be made until the conclusion of the investigation.

 Mr. Premachandra said they were suspicious about the condition of the injured MP, because a few days ago it was said that there was an 80 per cent risk to his life, but now solid foods are being given him.

 He went onto say that in a few days, he will start walking.

 In other democratic countries, governments make official statements after such an incident, he said, referring to the Mulleriyawa gunfight that claimed the lives of his brother and three others, but no such statement has been made by the Sri Lankan government.

 Therefore, it is highly suspicious that MP Duminda Silva’s so-called serious condition is a lie, said Mr. Premachandra.

 There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, he said, adding that senior SLFP leaders are worried that they could nothing for Bharatha’s family.

 Responding to questions by journalists, Mr. Premachandra said they did not meet the president because they were totally dejected after the killings.

 Several letters were sent to him, but we are sorry that the president has sent no reply, but everything is useless after we have lost Bharatha, he said.

 He questioned as to how MP Silva had been allowed to keep so many T-56 rifles.

 Mr. Premachandra said no decision has been taken whether Bharatha’s daughter would enter politics.

 The daughter and son of Bharatha did not attend the media briefing because they are mentally down still, he added.



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