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Banning Tamil Diaspora groups in Sri Lanka: attempt to criminalise the Tamils around the world – BTF

Tamil Diaspora demo
“We reject the baseless allegations and propaganda of the Sri Lankan state branding all Tamil Diaspora organisations as terror groups or terror fronts. In the United Kingdom, British Tamils Forum, representing British Tamils have a long history of civic activism and political advocacy.  Our organisation is democratic, transparent, accountable and legitimate.  We operate in conformity with British and International laws adhering to democratic values.

The proscription of Tamil Diaspora organisations is an attempt by the Sri Lankan state to extend its repressive regime beyond its borders.  Having the Tamil people within the island under the jackboot of its military, the Sri Lankan regime is attempting to control and intimidate the Tamil people of the Diaspora who work tirelessly on behalf of their oppressed brethren on the island.  It is an attempt to create fear and to stop all civil activism and human right work around the globe. This is done in the wake of the UN Human Rights council resolution on Sri Lanka with the view of intimidating witnesses and victims in Sri Lanka and the Diaspora to stop them giving evidence.

We call upon the international community to condemn in strongest terms the cross boarder human rights violations of Sri Lanka, and its attempt to criminalise the Tamils around the world.”

– BTF statement


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