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An election that challenged democracy – JV

At the second phase of the local government election that was concluded yesterday the government, as in all other elections held so far, obtained its results not by allowing masses to express their  wish independently within a democratic or fair and free election process states the JVP.
Issuing a communiqué regarding the concluded local government elections the Political Bureau of the JVP states the just concluded election is a challenge for election democracy.

 The communiqué of the JVP states:

This election result should be considered by comparing the results of the elections held on the 17th and drawing attention to the undemocratic use of power by the government to get that result. It is evident that results of an election that is held for a few isolated bodies after a major election would be influenced by the results of the major election. Further, the government followed its programmes of acutely plundering people’s preferences by using its state power and thugs. 

Specially, the tyrannous acts committed using security forces to grab votes and oppressive and terrorizing acts carried out in the North against opposition political parties, candidates and their supporters were at a very serious level. As a result a large number of complaints had to be lodged with the Commissioner of Elections as well as with the police.  However, the government did not stop its tyrannical behavior.

Even under such an environment the government was unable to be victorious in the North. The people in the North have rejected the government. This is a fact that has to be considered.

Just as people were burdened after the elections on the 17th March, the burden of the crises would be put on the people’s shoulders after today. Then, it will be the people who will have been defeated at the elections. Under these circumstances fair and free elections have become a dream and democracy has been challenged. Hence, the responsibility of all would be to come forward to win over democracy that has been challenged.

Lastly, we would like to thank all those who, amidst coercion, obstructions and threats, supported the JVP without any expectation of personal gains.  We also call upon all to rally to win genuine democracy to the country, defeat politics of deception and take the country along a new political path.


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