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Acting IGP Deshabandu Tennekoon lies & I have never talked him on phone – Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando

Referring to media reports that he had sought the help of Acting IGP Deshabandu Tennekoon after allegedly knocking down a person while driving his vehicle, member of communication unit Archdiocese of Colombo Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando today said he had not asked for assistance from any senior police officer to obtain bail.

“I didn’t ask for help from any person. Did not call Mr. Deshbandu Thennakoon regarding this matter. ” Reports which said I thanked Mr. Deshbandu Thennakoon is also a lie. I have never talked to Mr. Deshbandu Thennakoon on the phone,” Fr. Fernando said in his Facebook Post.

“The media reported a statement made by the police that “Father Cyril Gamini obtained bail after calling the Patriots” The car I was driving collided with a motorbike. After admitting the injured man to the Colombo National Hospital, I went to the Kotahena Police station and made a statement. My car was taken over by the police. The traffic department in charge of Kothena police refused to grant bail. I was detained at the Kotahena police until the next day. President’s Counsel Mr. Shamil Perera was also with us. We were ready to go to court the next morning. Many of my friends have called me on the phone but I told all of them it is not necessary to do anything beyond the law. That morning, Kothena police OIC said we could come to an agreement with the injured party. Accordingly, the losses were compensated. The parties concerned signed a legal agreement. I am aware that Cardinal did not ask for help from anyone to get myself cleared. He came to know about this after the matter ended,” he said in his post.

By YOHAN PERERA Colombo, Dec. 24 (Daily Mirror)


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