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A false complain made by a student formed by J’pura VC is revealed

07 June 2011
It was revealed yesterday (6) that the Vice Chancellor of J’pura University had directed a new entrant to make a false complain to Police that he was subject to harassment by the seniors.
This was revealed at a media briefing held yesterday (6) at CSR Hall in Maradana conducted by the Students’ Union of the which was convened to disclose the students repression at Sri Jayawardenepura University. 

Ven.Kamburupitiye Gnanissara Thero said that ‘a student, Lalith Prasanna, a final year student of Human and Social Studies faculty is being remaded until 16th of this month on a false complain made by him.  He has stated that a plan to assasinate the Vice Chancellor and damage a building is in the offing.

Also the VC has sent University security officers to a home of a first year student and directed him to make a false complaint at Hakmana Police citing that he was subject to harrassment by the senior students. This complaint has also been disclosed as a planned complaint’ said the Thero. 

Nuwan Madusanka who was present at the media briefing clarified that he was examined by the administrative officers as to he has any injuries on his body as he had some owing to carrying some bricks on his shoulder at a building site at Pannipitiya where he works as a casual labourer.   The aat student explained how he was threatened by three people who came in a cab to his home at Ellewela, Hakmana to get admitted to the hospital saying that the injuries were due to harassment by the senior students at the University.  He said he made the complaint as he was asked by the authorities but not subject to any harassment by the seniors.


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