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  • Police powers should be devolved to PCs – Vasudeva

     Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara has said that police powers should be devolved to Provincial Councils.  Speaking to the ‘Ravaya’ newspaper, this would subject the activities of the police to broader supervision than in the present. Passing over police powers to PC would not create issues as a DIG has been appointed […]

  • Human skeletons found in SLA abandoned locality in Jaffna

    Skeletons of two persons, allegedly slain by the Sri Lankan military in recent times, have been recovered from an abandoned well near a bund constructed by the occupying Sri Lanka Army in I’lavaalai, Pa’ndaththeruppu situated in Valikaamam in the Jaffna district on Wednesday. Brain parts found inside one of the two skulls indicate that the […]

  • Resettled Tamil woman’s body recovered near SLA bund in Thenmaraadchi

    The skeleton of a recently slain 28-year-old unmarried Tamil woman has been recovered near an abandoned military bund used by the Sri Lanka Army in A’rukuve’li, located along Kearatheevu Road (Jaffna – Mannaar Road) in Thenmaraadchi on Wednesday. The victim, Atputhamalar Subramaniyam, who had resettled in Thanangki’lappu near Ma’ravanpulavu of Thenmaraadchi last year, has been […]

  • Sri Lanka Heading Towards Inevitable 20 Percent Depreciation of the Rupee

     Dr. Arujuna Sivananthan Fast eroding foreign exchange (forex) reserves and a ballooning trade deficit has led to internecine warfare between Sri Lanka’s two economic policy setting organs; i.e. its Treasury and Central Bank (CB) such that the latter was kept in the dark when President Rajapakse announced the unanticipated 3 percent devaluation in the rupee-US dollar […]

  • Sri Lanka is heading for a debt crunch: Ravi K

    The Sri Lankan economy is dragged out – the country is over-borrowing, underperforming and leading into a debt crunch, claims United National Party Colombo District Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake. Karunanayake accuses the Rajapaksa administration of damaging the country’s social fabric, which he says is Sri Lanka’s biggest asset. Following are excerpts of an interview: Q: What do you […]

  • Attack on Viluthugal Office and the Hidden Truths

    There exists a direct connection between  the attack on the Viluthugal office at 3, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 7 and the Sri Lankan army intelligence, according to the  GTN intelligence reporter.  This is evident from a dialogue the reporter had with an officer who is connected with the defense sector. The particular officer when talking to […]

  • University non-academics protest banned . Read more >

    University non-academics protest banned .

    Police had sought a court order preventing the protest march organized by non-academic staff of universities reaching the University Grants Commission premises today.Police barriers were seen at different entry points to Colombo. About 1000 protestors demanding authorities to address their salary anomalies, gathered at the Viharamahadevi Open Stadium. Thursday, 26 January 2012  ST

  • Action of journalists doubtful-Keheliya ( but could not name them)

    Cabinet Spokesperson, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella charged that reasonable doubt is cast over the actions of certain journalists who are working based on secret agendas.  Speaking at a press conference held yesterday to update cabinet decisions; Rambukewella noted unfortunately the legal framework of the country does not allow the government to file charges against these journalists […]

  • LLRC report not be submitted to UNHRC – Minister Peiris

    The government will not submit the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) during the sessions in March, Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris told reporters in Colombo today. Sri Lanka was a sovereign nation and the report was commissioned by the state, said Peiris, […]

  • pro gov group takes on FMM

    Hundreds of journalists representing private and public sector media institutions yesterday launched a massive protest against attempts by the Opposition in connivance with the Free Media Movement (FMM) to tarnish the image of the country at a time when it has won accolades from all parts of the world for restoring peace and democracy in […]

  • ‘JVP rebel group controlled by foreign spy service’

    A foreign spy service may be guiding the rebel group of the JVP which had always adopted a two pronged policy of democracy and revolution, National Freedom Front leader and Construction Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities Minister Wimal Weerawansa said. He said the small rebel group is waiting for the dawn of the ‘day […]

  • Journalists in exile conspiring

    Journalists who havefled the country are conspiring to defame the country, Minister of Media – Keheliya Rambukwella has said. Making an exclusive statement to the state-owned Dinamina newspaper, Minister Rambukwella has said that all journalists must stand against this in order to defeat this conspiracy.He emphasizes that no journalist should be allowed to defame the […]

  • People in North don’t want police, land powers: Basil

    People in the North and East have not demanded for land and police powers and it is only the political parties that are agitating for these powers, Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said yesterday.He said the government would give land to the landless and police protection to those who think they are defenseless in the […]

  • Pro-govt. group forces Black January protesters out

    While Sri Lanka slipped to 163rd position on the World Press Freedom Index, a pro-government mob yesterday prevented seven media organisations from staging a protest, titled Black January against media suppression, at the Fort Railway Station premises despite a Court order granting them permission.When the media personnel arrived at the Fort Railway Station yesterday afternoon, […]

  • Poorest Still Go Hungry

    Experts agree that Sri Lanka’s free pre and postnatal clinics across the island nation have helped bring infant mortality down to 15 per 1,000 live births and the under-five mortality rate to 21 per 1,000 live births.But, beneath that general picture of success lie pockets of vulnerability where poverty and lack of awareness are causing […]

  • Sri Lanka drops in RSF World Press Freedom Index

        Jan 25, Colombo: Sri Lanka dropped down five places last year from 2010 to rank among the 20 worst countries in a leading survey of press freedom. The annual World Press Freedom Index for 2011 compiled by Paris based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has ranked Sri Lanka 163 out of 178 countries ranked. Sri […]

  • Black January media protest: Police harassments continue

    ‘Black January’ shifted to Lipton Circus The Black January protest is to be held at the Lipton Circus at 3.00 pm today (Jan. 25), reports say.The demonstration was earlier scheduled to be held at 2.00 pm at the Fort Railway Station compound.  Speaking to ‘Srilankamirror’ on behalf of the Sri Lanka’s Alliance of Media Organizations, […]

  • Why Krishna’s visit to Lanka can’t be termed ‘successful’

    M Krishna’s praise for the Sri Lankan government-appointed Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission will diminish our credibility as an honest broker in the eyes of the Sri Lankan Tamils who are becoming increasingly bitter towards India , feels Satish Chandra. As is customary, official circles in India have hailed External Affairs S M Krishna’s four-day visit […]

  • Black January media protest is underhand move against SL – Gov press

    People from all walks of life yesterday expressed their dissatisfaction over a scheduled protest today by a handful of persons posing as journalists, whose agenda it is to tarnish the country’s image. They said that these elements with vested interests are trying to disrupt the day- to- day life of the people by launching these […]

  • Solving ethnic issue: UNP willing to cooperate with government but …

    13 A provided for land and police powersThe UNP said yesterday that it was willing to co-operate with the government to find a political solution to the ethnic issue, but the the latter should stop its dilatory tactics such as the proposed Parliamentary Select Committee on the national question.General Secretary of the UNP, Tissa Attanayake […]

  • Women’s vigil for disappeared

    Mothers and wives against abduction and disappearances held a vigil in front of the Fort railway station.The vigil marked the second anniversary of the disappearance of Journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda. “We are invoking the blessings of sacred women such as Virgin Mary, Godess Pathini, Kali and Maha prajapathi Gothami to find our children and husbunds,” said […]

  • The working of Provincial Councils – II

    RecommendationsThe Institute of Constitutional Studies (ICS) carried out a comprehensive study on the working of Provincial Councils in the 22 years of their existence. The senior consultants who conducted the evaluation are Prof. Ranjith Amarasinghe, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Peradeniya Mr. Asoka Gunawardena, Former Chairman of the Finance Commission and former Secretary, Ministry […]

  • Working of Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka — I

    ”It is a Parliamentary form of Government that operates in the Provinces. In relation to matters set out in the Provincial and Concurrent Lists, the Governor must act on the advice of the Board of Ministers and the Chief Minister. A Governor cannot disregard the advice of a Chief Minister and dissolve a Council on […]

  • Police want court ruling against media protest

    Court ruling on Black January protest on 25th  Fort Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne today decided that the ruling of the petition against the Black January protest will be handed 0 January  25th.  The Black January protest is scheduled to be held in front of Colombo Fort Railway Station on the same day.Organised by Sri Lanka’s Alliance […]

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