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Action of journalists doubtful-Keheliya ( but could not name them)

Cabinet Spokesperson, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella charged that reasonable doubt is cast over the actions of certain journalists who are working based on secret agendas.  Speaking at a press conference held yesterday to update cabinet decisions; Rambukewella noted unfortunately the legal framework of the country does not allow the government to file charges against these journalists who work against their motherland.

Commenting on the protest which was held by several journalists’ associations, he said that a considerable amount of suspicion arises about the way the associations are managing their affairs.

“The mother-association which was mainly involved in the protest has not even held an election to appoint office bearers in five years.  The association is running according to the office bearers who were appointed arbitrarily. Their records of finances in bank accounts state that they have allocated money for community service. But their actions have been suspicious and there is a question as to whose agendas they are trying to fulfil, “he claimed.

A journalist raising a question from the Minister wanted a clarification to his constant utterances about ‘certain journalists’.

The Minister in his response said he had already mentioned the names of such journalists in the past. “I myself during different instances have revealed some of the names. We do have a list of names who are journalists and who have been working against the state. But unfortunately there is no legal action we could take against them and most of them on that list are currently living abroad”

The Minister noted that in the peak of the war certain journalists who were even on payrolls of some extremist elements demeaned the efforts of the government and the forces to end the war. “We have a very bitter experience about these people” he said.

During the press conference another journalist queried as to why another group who were against the journalists’ protest was permitted to protest in Fort when the court order issued to prevent protest was meant for all the media organizations.

In response Rambukwella noted; “The court order was issued against activities which would harass the public. Maybe this group went there

By Sarasi Paranamanna
Ceylon Today


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