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Sunday, April 21, 2024

pro gov group takes on FMM

Hundreds of journalists representing private and public sector media institutions yesterday launched a massive protest against attempts by the Opposition in connivance with the Free Media Movement (FMM) to tarnish the image of the country at a time when it has won accolades from all parts of the world for restoring peace and democracy in the country.

The journalists voiced their anger over the conduct of the FMM in the past to betray the country from funds provided by international Non Government Organizations. They shouted slogans denouncing leaders of the FMM who launched various media campaigns in the past that the LTTE could not be defeated. The massive protest was organized by journalists at the Fort Railway Station.

Journalists carrying placards walked towards the Fort Railway Station from Lake House roundabout and Technical junction. The protest campaign which was scheduled to be held by the Opposition and the Free Media Movement was deemed to be an attempt to bring disrepute to the country at the UN Human Right Council meeting in Geneva in March. Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited journalists were among the large number of participants.
Chaminda PERERA


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