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Attack on Viluthugal Office and the Hidden Truths

There exists a direct connection between  the attack on the Viluthugal office at 3, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 7 and the Sri Lankan army intelligence, according to the  GTN intelligence reporter.  This is evident from a dialogue the reporter had with an officer who is connected with the defense sector.
The particular officer when talking to the GTN intelligence reporter had disclosed that it could be easily guessed that the above attack had taken place with the direct order from the secretary of the defense ministry.

The office of ‘viluthugal’, a non-governmental organization is at Torrington Avenue which comes under the high security zone.

The Canadian High Commissioner residence, The Netherlands Embassy, Tunisian Embassy, the residence of the Sri Lankan resident representative of the European Union are situated in Torrington Avenue, and just opposite the road are the Rupavahini Corporation and the Sri Lanka broadcasting corporation while  the BMICH is only 200 meters from here.

Furthermore there is land belonging to Gothabaya Rajapakse, the secretary of the defense ministry just behind the Viluthugal office and a watcher is stationed round the clock for the protection of this land.

None of those who took part in the attack had come through the gate of the Viluthugal office. If they had entered through the front, it would have been recorded in the security cameras of the embassies.

Apart form this 24 hours police protection is provided to the embassy offices and the  residencies of the High Commissioners which are situated on both sides of the road.

As such it is clear that the unidentified attackers had come into the Viluthugal office through the back door. Entry through the front could have gained the attraction of many.

The neighboring land on the backyard of the said office belongs to the secretary of the defense ministry. Therefore the attackers sent for the job had entered the office through the land belonging to the secretary of the defense ministry and have searched the Viluthugal office and issued a warning.

What is the motive behind this warning? And what are connections between this attack and the secretary of the defense ministry?

The particular house where the Viluthugal office functions belongs to a woman from Jaffna who had migrated o Australlia. The motive of this attack is to bring this beautiful magnificent and affluent  house under his  control and then join this with his vacant land on the backyard

In this area where foreign embassies and their residencies are situated in plenty, the particular house (Viluthugal office) joined with the vacant land backdoor will be of a great demand. A complex built on the entire land could be rented out for a very large sum. The modus operandi is to close down the Viluthugal office citing security reasons and not allowing it to be rented out for the same reasons and then buying the house from the Australia domiciled woman. The additional motive is obstructing the work of Viluthugal organization.

Viluthugal, a non governmental organization  is implementing several projects in the North and East with funding from western NGOs, especially social welfare activities for women and Children affected by the war.

Viluthugal organization also provides funding for Tamil Journalist’s Federation and also conducts journalist workshops, apart form publishing some books and magazines.

The open dissatisfaction that  Gothabaya Rajapakse and some Sinhalese fundamentalists have on western NGOs evident from this attack.

Colombo 7 is a sophisticated territory where the distinguished and rich who need protection at all times usually dwell. Most of them who have homes and offices in this posh area. are wealthy Sinhalese. Offices and homes of the Tamils in this area are considered a security hazard by the Sri Lankan defense ministry and the intelligence unit which is under the control of the ministry.

A secret plan of bringing the homes and the offices of the Tamils in this area to the control of the majority community is also the offing.

The defense sector and the allied intelligence unit is said to have  already started indirect control of curbing the Tamils from buying lands and running offices in key areas such as Colombo 7.

The attack on the Viluthugal office in Colombo 7 was emanated because of the above reasons, says the GTN intelligence reporter.

However when the CEO of Viluthugal was contacted he said he did not know anything about the land belonging to the secretary of the defense ministry being situated behind the Viluthugal office or the attack which took place in Colombo while he was in Batticaloa.
GTN intelligence reporter


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