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  • New regulations under PTA to deal with LTTE

    LTTE to remain banned; HSZs  to continue Kelum Bandara With the lapse of the state of emergency at 24.00 hrs on August 30, the government has imposed new regulations under the Prevention of Terrorism Act to keep the LTTE as a banned organization, to retain the High Security Zones and to deal with LTTE surrendees and […]

  • TNA submits memo to Manmohan

    By Kelum Bandara The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has with the help of some Lok Sabha members had submitted a memorandum to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh requesting him to prevail upon the Sri Lankan government to remove the military camps in the North, TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said today. He said the TNA delegation, […]

  • STF camps re-emerge in East citing ‘grease devil’ episode

    Dismantled camps of the elite commando unit of the Sri Lankan forces, the Special Task Force (STF), are being re-established in same private residential buildings earlier vacated by the STF in the Ampaa’rai district. The lands returned to legal owners are being re-occupied by the STF. Camps have been already established at Thirukkoayil, Akkaraip-pattu, Kaarai-theevu, […]

  • CEYPETCO plunged into huge losses

    Sandun A. JayasekeraThe Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) has run into a staggering loss amounting to Rs. 27.21 billion in the first half of this year alone against a loss of Rs. 26.9 billion for the entire 2010, according to a the COPE exposure, a Parliamentary source said yesterday.This comes amidst CEYPETCO’s struggle to recover a […]

  • TUs Ask For Findings In Report

    Trade unionists and human rights activists have called on the government to reveal the findings of the Mahanama Tilakaratne Investigation Report on the industrial unrest at the Katunayake free trade zone (FTZ).The Trade Union Alliance (TUA) and the Marxist JVP affiliated Inter Company Employees’ Union (ICEU) held two separate protests yesterday evening against the killing […]

  • ‘President has empowered himself with emergency powers’

    The president has empowered himself with provisions in the state of emergency through a gazette extraordinary despite his claim to parliament at the emergency rule would be abolished immediately, alleged UNP general secretary Tissa Attanayake yesterday (Aug. 30). Mr. Attanayake told the media that the president now had the powers to summon armed forces anywhere in […]

  • Repealing of Emergency and the Authenticity of the Government

    On 25th August, President Mahinda Rajapaksa making a special statement before the Parliament stated that the emergency that would expire on August 30 will not be extended again. Notwithstanding any rational justification the Government executed to continue emergency for more than two years since the end of the war. Once a month, a statement was […]

  • Lifting of Emergency: What Next? Read more >

    Lifting of Emergency: What Next?

    Although some members of the UPFA government indicated vaguely a few months ago that Emergency would be lifted fully at the end of this year, the President’s announcement that he and his government had decided to do so with immediate effect and depend on normal laws to maintain law and order came at an unexpected […]

  • The Finishing line: The Telegraph, India

    Emergency removal timed to generate good publicity Two years after its decisive victory against the Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka, the Mahinda Rajapaksa government has announced its intention to allow the state of emergency in the country to lapse.The country, which first had emergency declared in 1971 amid fears of a Marxist takeover of government, has […]

  • The warranted in Thalangama Police!

    Our reporter was able to photograph Sudharman Radaliyagoda, the Deputy Chairman of ITN, who has been warranted by a Court, visiting Thalangama Police Station yesterday (29th) to attend to one of his friend’s affairs. He has arrived at the police station in a VVIP Pajero bearing the reg. no. 64 -1727.On July 19th Colombo Fort […]

  • India, China hold Sri Lanka’s tourism future-report

    India and China would become the two most important tourism markets for Sri Lanka, as arrivals from the two countries, which have a rich emerging middle class, will remain strong, a report by a local investment bank said.As the report by Capital Alliance pointed out, tourists from India could grow as much as 6 times […]

  • Total ban on drinking, smoking scenes

    Olindhi JayasundereThe present censorship on the telecasting of television programmes showing the use of alcohol or cigarettes will be removed and instead from Thursday a complete ban will be imposed on the telecasting of such programmes, the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol said yesterday.These new rules will be introduced in accordance with the provisions […]

  • PSC can’t probe my actions: Ex- CJ

    “I retired 2 years ago; I am a free citizen now”L.B.SenaratneFormer Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva said he could not be brought before a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) as he retired from service two years ago and that the President himself had given him a letter of commendation for his distinguished service in the Judiciary […]

  • Celebrating more of Houdini’s illusions?

     Kishali Pinto Jayawardene  Is the emergency really over in Sri Lanka? Or are we celebrating a clever trick, akin to Houdini’s famed illusions whereby we are being made to believe something that is not really the case? If one may be forgiven for resorting to the scorned double negative, these are not unfair questions to […]

  • Withdrawal of the emergency – confusion and new regulations

    ”The sequence of events showed that the announcement of the withdrawal of the emergency had been done hurriedly with little time for consideration of consequential issues.” Confusion over end of Emergency Hours after Rajapaksa made the announcement in Parliament; however, there was widespread confusion over when the withdrawal of the state of emergency would take […]

  • CPA Statement On The Termination Of The State Of Emergency

    27 August 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) welcomes the announcement made by the President to Parliament on 25th August 2011 that the government will not be seeking an extension to the state of emergency when it lapses by operation of law in September. Since the end of the war in […]

  • Miles to go towards democracy, editorial, Sunday Times

    No doubt, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s announcement this week in Parliament, proposing the lifting of Emergency Regulations under the Public Security Ordinance (1947) will be greeted by (virtually) all in this country with a sigh of relief. It is still not clear when it would be done, but the suggestion alone is good enough news for […]

  • Minister Samarasinghe on UNHRC, HR action plan and LLRC

    Manjula FERNANDOPlantation Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe who also oversees the subject of human rights, in an interview with the Sunday Observer says the lifting of the Emergency is a commitment the Government has fulfilled to ensure that the right conditions exist on the ground for national reconciliation.“There are certain points of view now being expressed that […]

  • European Union welcomes lifting of the Emergency Regulations in Sri Lanka

    Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission has welcomed Sri Lanka President coming forward to lift the Emergency Regulations.“The announcement by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Parliament on Thursday 25th August that his government does not intend to prolong further the Emergency […]

  • Don’t hang them – editorial, The Hindu

    Preparations have begun at the Vellore Central Prison for hanging Murugan, Santhan, and Perarivalan — convicted for their involvement in the 1991 assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Jail officials have fixed September 9 as the date for the executions. The mercy petitions of the three were rejected by President Pratibha Patil earlier this month, 11 years […]

  • US welcomes ER move but warns Lanka again

    The United States while welcoming Thursday’s announcement of the lifting of emergency regulations in Sri Lanka, said yesterday if the government failed to meet international humanitarian obligations, then the international community would have to step in. “We continue to urge the Sri Lankan government to comply with international humanitarian laws and obligations, and we continue […]

  • Retired Judges complain to MR; Former CJ to face probe

    Sandun A. Jayasekera In a shocking turn of events, the government is planning to appoint a parliamentary select committee soon to probe the conduct of former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, based on complaints made by a group of retired judges to President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday.  These retired judges met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple […]

  • U.S., India hail Sri Lanka’s removal of wartime laws

    India and Western nations on Friday praised Sri Lanka’s lifting of tough wartime emergency laws but an opposition party said it was merely a ploy because the government still has the power Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) at its disposal.President Mahinda Rajapaksa lifted the emergency laws on Thursday, saying they were unnecessary after the two […]

  • SLA-assaulted Tamil civilian dies at Puththa’lam hospital

    A 33-year-old Tamil civilian, suffering from heart ailment died last Sunday at hospital after being assaulted by Sri Lanka Army soldiers in Narakkalli village in Puththa’lam, medical sources told TamilNet. The victim, Mr. P. Sivakumar, was the first one to alert the villagers of suspected ‘grease devils’ believed to be Sinhala soldiers. The villagers chased […]



    Around 100 young men from Navanthurai, a village in the Jaffna District, were detained in an operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Army around 1.15am on 23rd August 2011. The villagers were severely beaten by the army and dragged to the main road near the Navanthurai Army Detachment located around 300 meters from the village. […]

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