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‘the Emergency Consequential Provisions Bill – New Act to try terrorist suspects

 Kelum Bandara
PTA will remain intact
In the aftermath of the withdrawal of the state of emergency, the government is planning to introduce a new piece of legislation called ’ to deal with the suspects already arrested or detained under emergency regulations, informed sources said yesterday.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa moved the resolution in Parliament on Thursday to totally relax the state of emergency which existed in the country since August, 2005.

Informed sources said there were many terrorist suspects arrested and held under detention order, and legal action had to be taken against them even in the absence of emergency regulations.

 “We have to take action against them. Now the emergency situation has been lifted. Yet, we cannot leave room for any implication when dealing with terrorist suspects.

Also, there are cases pending against these suspects. Therefore, the new law will be introduced,” sources said.

However, the Prevention of Terrorism Act will continue to remain intact for law enforcement authorities to take action against terrorist suspects. The Attorney General’s Department is now working on the drafting of the new Bill to be introduced in Parliament soon.


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