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Transferring the Radeliyagoda fraud case from Fort MC to Colombo Chief MC is to dispense Medamulana barbaric laws

An intriguing episode testifying to the fact that now in Sri Lanka not only the ordinary laws but even any law is not being abided by except the Medamulana barbaric laws which are overriding all legal Institutions was brought to the open clearly in the chief Magistrate court of Colombo today.
This became abundantly clear when a case which was pending against a Rajapakse regime member Sudharman Radaliyagoda , a noted culprit and criminal in the Fort Magistrate court and where a warrant has been issued ,was transferred to the Colombo Magistrate court even without making mention in the records that Radaliyagoda is the accused.

Radaliyagoda is the outrageous criminal who forged a Telecom Co. permit regarding purchase of iron and sold it for Rs. 15 lakhs.. The Fort Magistrate court issued a warrant directing the fraud bureau Fort to take him into custody immediately. While there was a warrant for his arrest, Radaliyagoda was appearing in the ITN channel publicly doing programs , shamelessly fawning on the Rajapakse regime and stooping to the lowest levels possible to do the regime’s sordid biddings. He engaged in all these activities openly while there was a warrant of arrest against him.

Later on, this investigation was transferred from the Fort fraud bureau to Peliyagoda fraud and corruption investigation unit. The case which was being heard in the Fort Magistrate court (MC)was then transferred to the Chief Magistrate court No. 5 on the ground that Peliyagoda investigation unit case ought to be heard by the Chief Magistrate court 5 . What was most rudely shocking and dismaying to all when this case was taken up for hearing in MC 5 was that the accused Radeliyagoda’s name had not even been mentioned anywhere in the B report. The Lawyer Gaunaratne Wanninayake who had never witnessed such a racket within courts apparently to save a criminal, questioned furiously , how could this have happened? The Peliyagoda fraud and corruption unit officers when questioned as to how such an investigation fraud can be committed while there was also a warrant against the alleged criminal , began to sweat and stammer. Their answer finally was , the relevant documents connected with the complaint had not been received by them yet.

Subsequently , it had come to light that when the case record was being transferred from the Fort Magistrate court to the Chief Magistrate court 5, the important documents have got lost – these things happen only in Sri Lanka, the ‘Asian model’

This case was postponed to the 3rd when the trial is to begin. This case was re opened before the Colombo Chief Magistrate of court 5 , Tikiri Jayatileke.

It was widely questioned among the legal circles , when it is the savage Veddah Medamulana laws which are operating in respect of individuals who are important to them from the point of view of their unscrupulous and sordid activities , how is it possible to preclude the law abiding people from being forced to take the law into their hands ?



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